Adolf's house on film, Part VII

Ps. I'll be posting on habit for a month now.

New in the shop:

Mr Dick, Mr Astor & Mr Omar 2nd are all available.
I made another pair of the pale greygreen wrist worms.
This, this and this are all one-of-a-kind pairs of Wrist Worms.



Instead of doing what I have to do, I'm making this post with pictures from my phone taken this month. Last day of August is tomorrow, I look forward to September. Do you?

The birds in the last picture were very eager to finish my plate before I had even touched what was on it.

Pictures of animals which have amused me lately:
This (by Malin)
This (by Minja)
This (by Elisabeth)
This (by Molly)

Happy birthday to my sister

Today is my sister's 28th birthday. This picture was taken about 22 years ago. It's her and our dog Kim, behind the picture she has written:
Me and Kim in the picture.
Kim is the sweetest in the world.
Although he is dead, he is so sweet. Look.

In the speech bubble: Yuck that Kim is dead.

Grattis Lillo! Here is a link-present that I think you will like: Mosaic Mural by Charley Harper

& Kavka did an interview with me about my home, see it here.

Adolf's house on film, Part VI

My Sunday

Some photos from yesterday.
I was at the hospital on Saturday to visit my neighbourfriend who was in a car accident a month ago and he is in such bad condition and will never be the same person again they say. It hurts to know he has no memories, I hope they will come back.



Hello Saturday

Enjoy your day.


Adolf's house on film, Part IV

G + L = SANT

My friends Gustav and Lisen got married the other day and it makes me so happy! GRATTIS!

Cappuccino & Yarn

The best part of working with Wrist Worms is that I can do it almost everywhere. This is a new colour, Pale Greygreen, one pair available here (the last picture on this post shows a little bit more blue than the yarn actually is).

If I'd had the money, this is what I would shop for Fall:
Clarks Desert Fantasy boots size 5.5
My favourite perfume
A trip to NY
A new phone


New portfolio site

I've redesigned my portfolio site and it feels good :)

& the link list is back.


In the studio today

A whole skyline of Wrist Worms.
Mr Omar 2nd is featured in the latest issue of Papier Mache - a very cute childrens magazine. He is also available in the shop.

Malin has opened a shop
Hard Feelings

Adolf's house on film, Part I

What a relief I never made it to start posting Adolf's house on film on my old blog. I'll show you most of the photos I shot with my old Pentax MX when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

Background: Adolf is my grandfather's younger brother and until 1990 he lived in the house where he and his siblings grew up. He's still alive and lives in an apartment twenty minutes car ride from the house. The house is falling apart and no one is able to take care of it. I've been there a few times the last four years to take pictures of the house, you can see them here.


Wrist Worms, New Colours

Wrist Worms in two new colours: Lilac & Pale Greyblue are added to the shop.

Today it smells of Fall outside.


Yarn love

The first Neck Worm for the season is in the making.
And a new colour for the Wrist Worms.

Look at:
The Loud Cloud


Original paperdolls

I have listed five original paperdolls in the shop, two of them were part of the Sundays are for lovers book, see more of my pictures here.
Their names are Doris, Jakob, Ingo, Lelle & Kajsa and they are totally unique.

Big thanks to all of you who have changed your link to my new blog.
Wish you a happy weekend!