My Sunday

Some photos from yesterday.
I was at the hospital on Saturday to visit my neighbourfriend who was in a car accident a month ago and he is in such bad condition and will never be the same person again they say. It hurts to know he has no memories, I hope they will come back.


  1. I love how i have such good memories connected with you pictures now! That makes it double sad to hear about your neighbour! so devastating

  2. Sandra, I am so sorry to hear that and hope that your neighbourfriend will be better soon and also gets all his memory back. When you think about this, it seems so unfair...

  3. Mmm, så ska hallongrottor se ut! En av mina favoritkakor. En annan sådan finns på min blogg just nu … om ni är sugna.
    Hemskt med din granne! Man vet aldrig vad livet tar för vägar.

  4. jag är ledsen för din granne.

    regnet/haglet igår var galet. jag var glad att jag satt inne tittandes ut och inte tvärtom.

  5. hi,
    Life is so weird
    both good and bad.........

    just to let you know that I love your blog it makes me feel good everyday
    thank you !

  6. I'm so sorry that your friend is still having so many difficulties from his terrible accident. I will keep him in my thoughts and wish for him to have a very good recovery.

  7. först tänkte jag att det var snö!
    vad tråkigt att din granne mår så dåligt :(

  8. that must be so hard. i'm glad you got the chance to visit him. wishing him well, as well as you.

  9. the link between these images and the words is startling. especially the rain (is it rain?).

  10. That's sad, Sandra. I hope he'll get better.



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