Two new colours

Two new Wrist Worms colours:
Red & Pink.

What are your plans for the weekend?
I haven't made any and will take it as it comes.
Wish you all a happy one!


  1. So many good byes this month
    including one to Laddy... keeping
    my hands (and head) busy with
    some cooking and baking. For a
    dinner party and some care packages.
    And of course, more ball making.
    Two dozen just for boys!
    Big American wishes for your weekend.

  2. this week end I will choose some wedding staff with my friend :-) exciting !

  3. I will wait for the wrist worms and illustration I ordered from you ! (Mali). It's my birthday treat, and we'll make some blueberry muffins and cheese cake to come along with it:)

  4. jag ska fira födelsedager - min mamas och min egen :)

  5. I'm just back from few days in Paris… ;-)
    Staying quite at home and walking in the country.
    Have a nice weekend dear Sandra


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