Sorting, keeping, throwing away, donating

I wore this every day when I was 13. Went through old stuff in the basement yesterday to decide what to keep for Berlin. I couldn't get rid of this one, it will move to Berlin too :)

My illustrated children's Bible will join too.

A photo of Adolf from 1991 when we were celebrating midsummer's eve. I only have 2 photo albums from my life before the digital camera.

This is too good to throw away, autographs by Sound of Music.

From all my 6 yearbooks I decided to rip out the pages of my classes, this is from 7th grade, we were 13.

This is Johan's, such a beauty - it will move to Berlin and not be hidden in a box anymore.

Some sami stuff from my childhood, I guess I have some sami heritage, but it was something you weren't proud of so no one ever talked about it.

I have so many letters from my sister, this one in particular made me smile yesterday. Dada is what my family calls me.

My diaries from 13-17 years old. I thought they were gone, but yesterday I found them - phew! Will start reading them today.

A picture of Johan as a baby, it always makes me laugh when I see him because he looks like a little old man. It's so much fun to see someone else's basement stuff, because your own stuff is so familiar and not so special - but seeing someone else's is like being at a great fleamarket.



My Wednesday, Part II

I miss Berlin. There is a reason I studied German like a freak in my teenage years, I always wanted to live there.

So, some great, greater, the greatest news:
We're finally moving away from Sweden after talking about it for years.
The reason why we were in Berlin earlier this week was because Johan went to some job interviews. They were all positive but he hasn't got a job yet (but a very nice recruiter/agent!). If you know someone in Berlin who needs help at their design company, in a café, in a bar, in a shop or in almost any kind of place - Johan is available from December 1.

We also search for an apartment, which isn't hard, but finding an apartment in Gothenburg is super hard, so if you have a wonderful place (altbau, 2-3 rooms, 70+ sqm, bathtub, balcony, top floor, wooden floors, warmmiete preferably not over €700, KEIN WG) in Berlin (Prenzlberg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln or something similar) and want to move to Gothenburg, we could do a swap - This is what we have to offer, 34 sqm (hall, toilet + shower, kitchen (einbau), livingroom + laundry room and one big and one small storing room in the basement) in Majorna - the bohemian arty very nice neighbourhood in Gothenburg. The rent (warmmiete) is €350 and all the rooms except the toilet + shower have white wooden floors.

I'll be back about this again :)

Update: We will not sublet our Gothenburg apartment and it's unfortunately not possible for us to decide who can rent it after us, our landlord has a long list of people wanting it already.

Most important for us is for Johan to find a job. The apartment hunt is going quite well, but IF someone needs an apartment in Gothenburg (and has an apartment in Berlin for us) we can offer this one :)

The pictures of me are taken by Johan

My Wednesday, Part I


My Tuesday, Part III

My Tuesday, Part II

My Tuesday, Part I

My Monday

On Monday I met my new friends Hermann and Luise, we had fika together. All of a sudden Johan showed up with something to celebrate so we had prosecco. A nice day turned into a nice evening.


Before & After

Wrist Worms. There are quite many of them in the shop now and the sale is still going on, I've been adding many pairs and the sale offer stands until sold out.

See you next week, enjoy your Sunday!


October 23, 2006-2010

October 23, 2006 I made myself a scarf.
October 23, 2007 I saw a tree.
October 23, 2008 I started selling prints in my online shop.
October 23, 2009 I had coffee with Johan, my mum and my sister.
October 23, 2010 I just finished doing the dishes and took one single photo this day.