2011 pocket calendar 3-pack

A 3-pack of 2011 pocket calendars is available in the shop now. I hope I'll be able to make a few more looks before December, in that case I'll post about it here :)


  1. Dags att beställa nya Wrist Worms, senapsgula fick det bli! Ser fram emot varma händer under kalla morgnar.

  2. Sanna: tack så jättemycket! jag postar dem imorgon :)

  3. great ~ love the packaging too!
    have been missing your blog, finally updated the link {a bit dopey!!} and had a lovely time looking through, thanks :)

  4. ooh, jipii! i think i will be over to order some as they were just the perfect little christmas gift last year! (although at some points i wish i had kept them all for myself...)

  5. they're so cool, just purchased some :)


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