Breakfast, Frühstück, Frukost

A very nice man called Adam has just started serving Gothenburg's best breakfast on weekdays at Kino, Hagabion. I had it this morning and it was so great, he told me he will serve different cheeses every week and that is the best! I love cheese :)

It's also duffle coat cold here now. As I'm typing it's -1°C. Brr! That's today's weather report...


  1. :D Niiiiceee!! It will be nice to see which cheese you have each week, so we can all envy your breakfast :P

    I love that this pics have a pink (ish) tone

  2. cheese breakfast is the best.
    and that's so cold! although we have a frost forecast for this weekend - last weekend was 23 degrees and t-shirt weather, it's crazy :)

  3. 26°C here in taipei at 10:15 in the morning !

    stay warm and cozy and happppppy
    and and have a nice weekend, dear sandra

    : )

  4. I love breakfast- I could live on just breakfast- and that looks like a real treat!!Lovely photos!

  5. fancy!
    breakfast. cheese. cold weather.
    i love everything about this. :)

  6. trevlig helg...snart är det vinter

  7. oh, sandra, den här frukosten ser verkligen jättegod ut. ha en trevlig höstig helg :)

  8. Wow it's cooling down fast where you live! Looks like a great place to have your 'ontbijt' (breakfast in dutch). No day without cheese for me :)

  9. Das sieht wirklich nach einem wunderbaren Frühstück aus! Meins ist dagegen gerade eher sparsam. ;o)
    By the way: we have "Frühstückskino" here, which means you first have a breakfast in the cinema café and then, all included, watch a special awarded film. As it is always on weekdays there are basically lots of pensioners and some students there, I love that!

  10. Breakfast is without competition the best meal of the day: the food, the special kind of hunger after a night of sleeping and the plans to be made.

  11. Det där ser verkligen ut som den godaste frukosten. Jag vill ha, säger jag bara.

  12. what a lovely place to have breakfast!!!

  13. holy shit... minus 1 already!? You guys are in for a pretty brutal winter by the sounds of it...

    We must be total weaklings... it's about 5 degrees here and we're shivering and already have the heating on! I'm insisting on wearing huge cable knit knee socks every day that turn me into bambi on ice walking around the house...

    The perils of laminate floors! ;)

    Breakfast looks yummy... wish we had something like that here and Ryan is wishing he could eat the cheese! ;)

  14. WOW vilka fina bilder. ljuset + färgerna, underbart!


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