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Yesterday Johan (btw his sailors are sold out, he promises to make some new ones soon) and I had the day off and took a long walk through Gothenburg and decided to donate some of our blood on our way back home. We do that as many times a year as we can. I can donate three times (men four) and when my neighbour had his accident they needed thirty bags of blood for his surgery - it would take me TEN years to donate that amount of blood. So, if you can - go donate some of yours.

I love this dress so much (sold out of course :)) by Jenny
Don't know if I dare to have a look at Brooklyn Diary - I might have to move.


  1. oh my your look ups are beautiful Sandra...I love them all and miss them a bit ...I was looking at Jennies dress so often already..it is so perfect...I think I could wear it everyday ....I look forward to a 'Berlin' Diary : )

  2. I like a lot these photos with the grey sky.

  3. I love the fashion created by wiksten!!

  4. Donating blood is such a good, brave and kind thing to do Sandra.
    I hope there will be some pictures of your neighbour's cat sometime in the near future.

  5. lovely post!
    (and i share the same feeling about brooklyn!)

  6. Well done! It´s a lovely serie!

  7. I love that dress too!

    I used to donate blood regularly, but my iron levels have been weird for a couple of years now, so I usually get turned away when I go! Sometimes the nurses look at me like they're surprised I'm still walking and talking with how little iron I have. Hmph.

  8. I have a fear of needles, but maybe I should get over my fear and donate blood. I never realised how much blood was needed for only one person.

    Beautiful trees, its always both a beautiful and sad time when the leaves leave the trees.


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