What are you up to today?

Conversation this morning:
- We need to buy butter for frying the eggs.
- It's too cold to go outside.
- Let's boil them instead.

I'm making more Wrist Worms for the Wrist Worms sale (they almost sold out!) and reading Jana Hensel's Zonenkinder, a book I bought in 2002 but never read because my German had become too bad. I thought. It hasn't! And I don't want it to disappear, I spent all my teenage years studying German and I so love the German grammar - the long long sentences are like poetry to me. Love that language, especially in written form.


  1. I've had german for 3 years and I really loved it the first year. Then I had a terrible teacher for the next two years and now I can barely say a full sentence...

    Today my family is coming over for dinner so my focus is to clean up all of this mess! Happy weekend for you!

  2. dein blog : eine freude.

  3. Today I was supposed to be at my house, but instead we've decided to stay in the city apartment this weekend. We're going out for brunch in a bit, then walking around the East Village...and, you, know, laundry and grocery shopping and that kind of thing!

    Tomorrow? Who knows! :)

  4. Das Buch habe ich noch nicht gelesen, ist es gut? Die Seite auf deinem Foto gefällt mir schonmal ;)

    Hier in Berlin ist es grau, kalt und verregnet. Heute war ich mit meiner Schwester frühstücken und mit Hermann spazieren, den Rest des Tages werde ich drinnen verbringen.

    Schönes Wochenende!

  5. I LOVE your pictures and your wristworms!

    Hier in Flensburg ist es heute herrlich. Sehr sonnig, kalter Wind und leuchtende Herbstblätter.
    Durchgefroren an den Mittagstisch und den Magen gewärmt mit Rouladen und Rotkohl.


    Liebe Grüße

  6. Ich hab noch nie gehört, dass jemand die deutsche Sprache so sehr mag. ;)

  7. In high school, we used to buy a newspaper for our teacher, when we had exams in german, so she could read them and not see us cheat. We also turned all the lights in the school hallways, so she would leave the classroom and turn them off, because she hated lights turned on for no reason.
    Now I am very sorry I don't know the language that well and I hope for some time in the future, to make a few courses.
    Today I made my work room sterile clean, tomorrow, a fresh start. Breakfast in your style would also be nice :)
    happy weekend

  8. I love the way you talk about the German language. It's exactly how I feel about English (my mother tongue is French), I've been fascinated by it since I first heard it... I must have been 4 years old, and the spell is still unbroken.

  9. I'll be doing almost the exact same thing today! Making, and reading :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I really enjoy visiting your blog and seeing all the wonderful photographs you take.

    I studied German for 3 years during my bachelors degree. I really think I should keep up with it before I forget everything, so maybe I will try reading that book :)

  11. Liebe Sandra, wenn das so ist, dann wünsche ich dir diesmal in meiner Sprache einen schönen Sonntag :)

  12. Cool weather! We started the candlelight-season with a 'snowy' cake and will stay like 'eichhörnchen' in our nest during the weekend (see my blog)...

  13. Hallo Sandra,
    es ist schön zu lesen, dass du die deutsche Sprache magst...Ich habe schon so oft gehört, dass viele die Sprache schwierig finden zu lernen gleichzeitig aber auch, dass sie ein bißchen klingt wie in einem Märchen, weil wir so viele "lustige" Wörter haben, wie Handschuhe für mittens (hand-shoes) oder "Wortschatz" für vocabulary zum Beispiel. Besonders gerne lese ich Herman Hesse, vielleicht solltest du dir mal "Narziß und Goldmund" besorgen, ein wunderschönes Buch.
    P.S. Ich bin drauf und dran, noch ein paar Wristworms zu kaufen...d

  14. Hallo!
    Das Buch habe ich dieses Jahr zufällig gefunden und gekauft. Es ist sehr interessant, besonders für mich. Ich versuche ein Buch über Ostalgie zu schreiben. Viel Spass beim lesen.
    Schöne Grüsse aus São Paulo!

  15. Deine grassmaha ist sehr lik meine am der Floras.

  16. Dann schreibe ich heute auf Deutsch wie mein Tag aussehen wird: ich habe schon einen kleinen Spaziergang gemacht durch die Stadt, und sonst werde ich studieren und was lesen, und was leckeres kochen zum Abendessen.

    Ich hoffe dass das Buch dir gefällt. :)

  17. Oh you really made my day in the most unexpected way. I studied German in school, and did a refresher course a few years back, but thought that anything I had learnt was basically gone again. But I too was wrong! I couldn't read that book, it would be too hard, but I understand most of the page showing! I'm delighted, and I understand most of the comments too! I couldn't speak German at all, but seeing how much I actually grasp, I might start looking a German web sites, so more comes back to me. I probably thought my German was all gone because I can't understand people speaking it, but that's always harder.

  18. Can you make lovely Wrist Worms AND read at the same time?!

  19. Deborah > no, but how great wouldn't that be!!

    Hallo alle, ich habe mich sehr gefreut Kommentare auf Deutsch zu lesen!

  20. Yay! Ich lerne gerade Deutsch :)

    Schöne farbe für die Wrist Worms,

    (I'm just in the second level)


  21. I made a reservation on that book i our local library right after I hade read that page in your fotograph. :)

  22. I really enjoyed your blog! ]
    and I do love your beautiful work!

    I hope to see your work in South Korea!


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