This morning

It's a quite dark day today.
I'm slowly waking up.
Lena sent me her latest book, Brooklyn Diary - it's so so great! Thanks a lot Lena! Can't believe it's already almost 2 years ago since I was in Brooklyn.


  1. brokklyn brooklyn take me in! (The avett brothers, I and love and you) kan du lyssna på! Fina blommor vid sängen, vill se närmre! ps. hemma från öland hör av mej snart.

  2. It looks a pretty morning there, cozy if one can work at home (:

    Here it is very dark too, a bit rainy. Off to the post office and dentist I need to go anyway. But the whole afternoon is then dedicated to painting indoors as a reward (:

    Enjoy your tea and dreaming of Brooklyn!

  3. Hello ! I really love your work and your photos... So I speak of you on my blog and show some of your illustrations...
    Have a good day, Laetitia

  4. The Gorki Park matches makes me smile... Good memories. The café hasn't changed much since I was there the first time, in 2004.

  5. I was looking through my sister's copy of Brooklyn Diary while visiting her in San Francisco (she's a transplant from Park Slope), and now I really have to get my own copy! It is such a little treasure.

  6. I'm heading there in a couple of weeks and am so looking forward to the book (waiting for me at my parents' house) for inspiration.

  7. despite the low light, these look lovely - as if they are keeping some secret all to themselves.


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