Working at home

Today I'm officially giving up my studio, these guys will take it and I'm so glad I've found other creative people who will use it as their studio. There has been too many "bad" businesses contacting me about it.

In the first picture you can see the view from my desk. I have lived in the apartment marked with an S, Johan lived quite close - in the apartment marked with a J. It feels good to work at home again, although it's quite small. I like to be able to work for a couple of hours before making breakfast :) And do the dishes to clear my head.

In the other pictures you can see my favourite cutting board made by Elisabeth and some stuff from Adolf's house; the tin I once didn't want to bring home, but when my uncle told me he was going to burn down the house I just had to rescue it + the wonderful wonderful Smirnoff bottle. I have a few other treasures that I will show you another day.

Have fun this weekend!


  1. hurra! äntligent! klippt ett band, eller knyt ett!

    vår första studio i mallis överläts till 2 snubbar som uppfann bloggen (sa de). man bah; "wow! (vad är blogg??)"

  2. Hej Sandra, so were you two neighbours before you got to know each other?

  3. I'm going to work from home as well in a month...
    taking your time when you can (and if you are at home you can) is something relaxing, it make me be more productive - especially on winter

  4. Yay for Embassy! Love their Pet Shop Boyishness :)

  5. Okay, it's so adorable that Sandra - S apartment and Johan - J apartment. Is your current apartment marked S+J? ;)

  6. i love the photo with the string lights. so pretty. :)

  7. would have been a pity to leave the Smirnoff bottle

  8. Anna > no we knew eachother from university but were just friends when i moved into that apartment :)

  9. Working at home is good but only sometimes dangerous- too easy to get distracted if you need to work and really do not want...
    Enjoy weekend

  10. Best wishes for your new "at-home" era!
    I've been working from home for several years and I love the flexibility that it gives you! ...also enjoy staying to play with my cat during the day. ;)

    BTW: I love your work! ♥


  11. heavens! The embassy! my favourite band! <3 eeeh! that studio is lucky to have creative people using it.

  12. beautyful stills of cluttered kitchen stuff <3


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