Good morning

This morning is so good, it's frosty and sunny and cold.

Thank you for your comments about my Wrist Worms yesterday. It must have been pretty annoying for other artists when Malevich got so much attention for his Black Square in 1913, because it's "so simple". It would've looked ridiculous if someone tried to copy it and make a living from it. It's the same with the Wrist Worms I'd say, they are "so simple" yet they are my creation and design and I am very proud of them. Just because it's easy to copy, it's not right. They've been here for almost 3 years and I am so happy there are so many people in the world wearing them. I must have made somewhere between 400-500 pairs so far and they are an important part of how I make my living.


  1. 500 pairs !!!! WOW ! Bravo !
    Luckily, I own 3 !


  2. Well said. There are a lot of people making crocheted fingerless gloves, but only yours are wrist worms to me. How I feel is, you are not just making and selling wrist worms, but a certain easthetics that's also combined of other products you make and also your blog.

    Buying wrist worms from someone else is like not geting the original. It's like every brand wanting to make ''an iPhone'', but it's allways just LIKE the iPhone, never THE iPhone.

  3. I don't know how she'll react to your very long e-mail, maybe she'll just delete it, or maybe even read it and never answer. What can she say? I don't think she's sorry since every comment you've made was deleted :/

    i believe she'll have to deal with Karma later, what she's doing is just WRONG.

  4. it's great to hear that so many people care. you see you must not be afraid! you have an eye for great colours and quality and people recognize that. :)

  5. 500 pairs, that is amazing! I also, love the third photo. The bird really stands out against the frost

  6. Love the plants on your window. And tonight the German soccer team plays against the Swedish team in Gothenburg. If this is not another sign for your early move! ;)
    Greetings allesistgut :)

  7. the relationship between an original and a copy is that one is the voice of self-expression, the other is just the echo... in a sense one can't exist without the other, so relax and try to take the imitation as a natural compliment... you know which one you are.

  8. i need to have a closer look at your wrist worms!

    love that little bird :)

  9. Hello Sandra ,
    I know what you mean re Copycats.. see what happened to me recently with my photography work: http://10and5.com/2010/11/15/ingeprins-greencross-discussion/
    or http://ingeborgcyborg.blogspot.com/2010/11/copycats_513.html
    It really annoyed me when I heard about a billboard with a copy of one of my photographs.. no coincidence I think at all..
    from the online discussions after I made it public it seems that the general attitude out there is just that " thats the nature of the creative industry" .. and I don that thats good enough either.
    kind regards and thank you for the constant inspiration.

  10. Hey, Sandra - about simplicity. Simple things are the hardest to create and I truly appreciate things which are "so simple", like your Wrist Worms.

    About the copycat - karma will get to her eventually...

  11. i love your Wrist Wurms, and how simple they are! i'm a knitter, and have several simple designs i've held back from trying to sell finished items from, because i always thought "but they're too simple!" - your Wurms have given me the drive to get busy knitting up my own simple designs as well!

  12. self involvement
    me me me

    in the end, they have no shame
    all they have is narcissism

  13. I really don't like overworked design. To design with simplicity must be one of the hardest things to do and involves a great sense of discipline and aesthetic.

    When it comes to copycats I'm sick and tired of hearing people say that it is a natural consequence of exposing our work online. We all are influenced by others. We just have to know how to turn that influence into something different. Not necessarily new, but different.

  14. God morgon to you dear!
    I totally agree with you.
    Hope you're having a lovely Wed in Sverige!

  15. Aramar > exactly! and i don't see plagiarism as a compliment, i just feel sorry for people not being able to come up with their own ideas. and frustrated as it is now.

  16. my point was not that imitation is OK, obviously it isn't. but it's unstoppable, especially for someone as original, talented and unusual as you, but if you let it get under your skin you get screwed not once but twice. have a holler and let it go, you have the next thing to do!

  17. I just gave some of your wrist worms to a friend for her birthday and she loves them - she jumped up and down a little :)


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