This metal man kept me company eating my lunch today.

I'm so grateful for all the Berlin (job & apartment) tips I've received both in the comments and as e-mails! Thank you! I look so much forward to be able to blog full-time Berlin in a near future :)


  1. My brother just told me he and his wife might be moving to Berlin in the next few years! (She's from there and her family is still there.) So I will be looking forward to your Berlin posts even more than I already am! :)

  2. I look forward for the beautifull pictures you'll post...and seeing your home, wich I'm sure it will be lovely and full of charming details like yours now :)

  3. Nice company. I cross my fingers for your move to Berlin! Like all the nice details in your home! Have a nice day!


  4. What did he tell you?(your iron man?)
    Have a lovely day!

  5. I'm so looking forward to your Berlin posts, since I don't know Berlin at all. I've just been there twice or so. But now a friend of mine is also moving to Berlin (Dec 1st, actually), so it's time for me to finally get to know Berlin a little bit better :).

    If you need any kind of help let me know (and I'm not just saying that to pretend kindness)!

    You'll have a good start in Berlin, I know it :).

  6. annamaria > he told me i should eat more veggies ;)
    Gabi > that is so sweet of you, thank you!


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