A surprise

I'm busy signing prints, packing orders and writing addresses on envelopes (huge thanks to all of you who've placed an order on my Special Christmas offer and other things from my shop!). The only things I've taken pictures of are the dishes and a lunch plate. AND today I got a surprise in the mail - a wonderful sweet gift - the little Berlin notebook. I don't know who it is from, but I'm jumping of joy and I'm so curious of who the kind person is. Thank you thank you thank you!

Update: The kindest person in the world and the person who sent me the surprise is Nina, VIELEN DANK ♥


  1. So sweet! Still excited that you'll be here soon. How's the flat-hunting going?

  2. beautiful surprise :-))) happy for you !

  3. Hi Sandra
    did you see your site listed here
    under Scandinavian Style?

  4. glad to hear you are busy with your shop! and that plate with food makes me hungry. good night to göteborg!

  5. Receiving a moleskine in the post must be one of the nice surprises ever, you lucky girl :)

  6. åh vad fint med överrasknings post! vilken god lunch!

  7. Oh how nice to find a surprise in the mailbox. Enjoy it. The lunch plate looks very delicious. :)
    Have a nice day.

  8. dear sandra, the lunch plate looks tasty! what kind of cream is in the yellow cup? i agree with the others: your blog-readers are the best ;) lea

  9. i'm really asking myself where do these nice people get your adress from?
    i always want to send those great gifts but i'm feeling too uncomfortable to ask. :)

  10. Sylee > i'm awaiting replies from tenants :)
    Sara > thanks for telling me! they e-mailed me a few days ago, but i didn't know what for, now i see why :)
    Lea > it's sour cream with something else, maybe mustard, in it. johan made the sauce.
    ann.meer > i have it on my about and FAQ pages :)


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