All Wrist Worms on Sale - $10 off

All Wrist Worms are on SALE. $10 off. Original price $49 - now $39. Available until sold out.

Find them here

I'll start making a brand new collection of Wrist Worms which will be released early 2011.

Ps. The Buttcrack Characters are on sale as well.


It's cold, it's white

-25°C today and I will go out for some fika with Johan and the ladies.


God Jul / Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten

December 24th is the day we celebrate Christmas in Sweden, I'm off to my sister's to celebrate soon. Johan is already there baking Vörtbröd with our brother-in-law.
Pictures from this morning.




Hello all,
I'm going away for a few weeks now and will hopefully post here during my stay at my family's place.

I will not check my e-mail very often (I really need some vacation, like I guess most of us do :)) and it may take a while before you get a reply.

Hope you all will receive your orders in time for Christmas (huge thanks to all of you who have decided to give someone some of my work, I am so flattered). The Swedish Post promised delivery before Christmas if you ordered within a certain date, read here about what goes for your country. After their promise Europe has got snow snow snow snow snow and I'm sure that might have slowed down the shipping. Keep the faith, I am sorry if anyone won't get their order in time - there's unfortunately nothing I can do after an item has been shipped (regular post doesn't have a tracking number) - it's in the Postal Service's hands. I wish I could deliver my things personally to you all over the world (dear Santa, give me a teleport, thank you).

Thank you all for the wonderful support and comments this year. Without you this blog would be pretty dull :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!



My shop is open

This poster is available in my shop until tomorrow, Dec 22, after that I won't sell it anymore.

Prints (remember the Special Christmas Offer, buy 1 (or 2, 3, 4...) - get 1 (or 2, 3, 4...) extra for free) are available until tomorrow, Dec 22. They might be back in the shop next year, but I haven't decided yet.

4 buttcrack characters are available until sold out.

Pocket Calendar 2011, 3-pack is available until tomorrow, Dec 22.

Wrist Worms are going to be available in the shop during the Holidays. This is the whole collection and this is where you find the ones on SALE (on sale until sold out).

From tomorrow, Dec 22, only Wrist Worms and Buttcrack Characters will be available in my shop during the Holidays.

I will soon go away for Christmas & New Year celebrations in Luleå, a town up in the north of Sweden, and bring the Wrist Worms & Buttcrack Characters with me to be able to offer them in the shop while being away. I will also update this blog - usually I don't blog when being away but this time I will be away for a longer period of time. It'll be fun and I look forward to share some of my adventures (if I manage to take any pictures, it's kind of light for a few hours during the day). Hope you'll join me :)

UPDATE: Prints, posters and pocket calendars are now gone from the shop, I had to take them down 2.5 hours earlier since I have to take tonight off from work and finish my packing. Going away tomorrow :)


The Book

These are some of the pictures of my home I sent to N.E.E.T. Magazine when they asked me to participate in their book. I look forward to seeing the book in person and I'm so happy to participate in it.


From Adolf's house

Some small things I saved from Adolf's house.


Birthday presents

Min gave me two of her pins, Lycka till means Good luck. I'm lucky and look forward to seeing them available online.

My mum & dad know their daughter; she loves champagne and yarn. They sent me two lottery tickets and for the first time in over 25 years I won something :)

Maria gave me fingerless gloves and nailpolish, yay! Elisabeth gave me chocolate, I ate it up before taking a picture of it, but I guess you can see that there was more from her (if you don't: it's the fabulous kitchen towel and the Mr Mustache book). Reine gave me his favourite chocolate, it's super delicious. Jakob & Elin gave me a book made by Elin's stepdad, looking forward to reading it!

And Maja... She gave me a big bag full of yarn, my oh my.

Puss alla vänner!
Ps. I'm fine now, it wasn't a very serious concussion. Thanks for your concern :)


A slow farewell, part VII

Dinner at our favourite Greek-Turkish restaurant; Efessos.
Party at Ahoy Studio where they make their own beer. Magnus gave me bottle nr 32 as a birthday present, yum!

Yesterday's news told us in Gothenburg not to go out, because the streets were covered with ice. I slipped and fell quite badly right outside my door and felt something weird in my head. Went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night feeling very sick. Shit, I don't have time for this - so many friends to see, parties to go to and work to be done before going away for the Holidays.


Birthday night

My birthday night was wonderful, thanks to everyone who helped me taking pictures, I was so busy babbling with everyone. Later in the evening Johan arrived and the birthday party turned into a farewell Gothenburg-friends party. We'd better start now, one can not have too many of that kind of parties.

Thank you so much for coming Maja, Jennie, Elisabeth, Jakob, Reine, Min and all of you without webpages :)

Birthday day

Yesterday was my birthday and I had lunch with my ex-husband, we hadn't seen eachother for years and I thought it was time to do so before I leave this town. Then I had sparkling wine with Lisa the cat and her man. Her man and I left her at home and went to Kino to celebrate my birthday with lots of friends.

Sandra is a late kid

Will try to translate my mum's text about me for you:

Sandra wasis a late child. She has not learned to sit steady, not crawl either. It is August 12th 1979 as I'm writing, yesterday she at least got a tooth. But everything could happen all of a sudden, so fast that we won't see it all. Still she is just 7 months old. Now she shall learn how to chew her food, I gave her the 8-months-kids' food, but I have to mash the pieces even more, otherwise they get stuck in her throat. But she is a fast learner and she will eat soon all by herself.

My sister and I use to laugh out loud everytime we think about how hopeless I sound and that our mum first wrote "Sandra was" like I had died or something ;)

Thank you so much for all the kindness on my birthday!


Nr 511

32 years ago they cut me out of my mother.
The last picture shows a text my mum wrote about me when I was 7 months describing how hopelessly late I was with everything, makes me laugh everytime I read it (especially the varär in the first sentence). I don't have time to translate it, sorry, but if someone else wants to - feel free to do so in the comments. I'm off to start celebrating my day, will show you later if I manage to remember to take pictures.

Happy day to you!