Berlin, Before the snow

I don't know what it is, but we seem to end up at Bonanza when something dramatic happens. Last time the guy who was roasting coffee beans dropped his iphone in the roaster and this time the roaster started to burn.

The other day we ran into Matt on the street, so funny! That's how we met the first time, last year, as well. Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and I bump into someone I know, wow. A couple of minutes later we ran into a Swedish actress on the same street. Berlin all of a sudden feels small :)

It's been such hectic days and coming home I have so much to do - 159 e-mails in my inbox in 4 days, please don't be offended if a reply comes very late or maybe not at all - I simply don't have time to reply everyone. Big love to everyone who writes such nice things to me. More Berlin photos soon!


  1. :)

    sandra, i'm flying to paris soon
    early next year

    gonna live there for a while

    i wonder if we will have a chance to go to
    berlin and visit you

    big hugs, and wish everything goes well
    and fun for both of you !


  2. oly > oh wow, how great would that be!! i'm so excited for you!!! <3

  3. He dropped his iPhone in the roaster?! Hahaha!

  4. You'll see when you live here - Berlin is TINY! I'm always running into people I know, or figuring out the strangest connections between random friends. I think it's because so few people live in such a comparatively large piece of space.

  5. Love Korean food :)
    Nice pictures,
    Best wishes. Angelique x

  6. Berlin feels like a small place indeed.. that's so cool, a big city with so much character and stuff going on, that does not feel crowded and overwhelming.

    I need to go there soon.

    cherio ; )


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