Birthday presents

Min gave me two of her pins, Lycka till means Good luck. I'm lucky and look forward to seeing them available online.

My mum & dad know their daughter; she loves champagne and yarn. They sent me two lottery tickets and for the first time in over 25 years I won something :)

Maria gave me fingerless gloves and nailpolish, yay! Elisabeth gave me chocolate, I ate it up before taking a picture of it, but I guess you can see that there was more from her (if you don't: it's the fabulous kitchen towel and the Mr Mustache book). Reine gave me his favourite chocolate, it's super delicious. Jakob & Elin gave me a book made by Elin's stepdad, looking forward to reading it!

And Maja... She gave me a big bag full of yarn, my oh my.

Puss alla vänner!
Ps. I'm fine now, it wasn't a very serious concussion. Thanks for your concern :)


  1. Oh, cool presents! They are so you!
    I love the card from you mum & dad - super cute! :)

  2. oh all the yarn! lovely colors

  3. lovely presents, lucky girl! glad to hear your head feels better now :)

  4. nice presents! good you're feeling better. take care!

  5. oj vilka fina presenter! skönt att du mår bättre.

    ha en fin lördagskväll:)

  6. Oh what a nice present...i like tohsoe colors of thread!

  7. All that yarn looks extremely amazing!

  8. sandra, do you know when min is going to sell those totally sweet brooches/pins? i can't wait for it! please tell her, i'm going to one for all of my friends. have a nice chrismas time, lea


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