My shop is open

This poster is available in my shop until tomorrow, Dec 22, after that I won't sell it anymore.

Prints (remember the Special Christmas Offer, buy 1 (or 2, 3, 4...) - get 1 (or 2, 3, 4...) extra for free) are available until tomorrow, Dec 22. They might be back in the shop next year, but I haven't decided yet.

4 buttcrack characters are available until sold out.

Pocket Calendar 2011, 3-pack is available until tomorrow, Dec 22.

Wrist Worms are going to be available in the shop during the Holidays. This is the whole collection and this is where you find the ones on SALE (on sale until sold out).

From tomorrow, Dec 22, only Wrist Worms and Buttcrack Characters will be available in my shop during the Holidays.

I will soon go away for Christmas & New Year celebrations in Luleå, a town up in the north of Sweden, and bring the Wrist Worms & Buttcrack Characters with me to be able to offer them in the shop while being away. I will also update this blog - usually I don't blog when being away but this time I will be away for a longer period of time. It'll be fun and I look forward to share some of my adventures (if I manage to take any pictures, it's kind of light for a few hours during the day). Hope you'll join me :)

UPDATE: Prints, posters and pocket calendars are now gone from the shop, I had to take them down 2.5 hours earlier since I have to take tonight off from work and finish my packing. Going away tomorrow :)


  1. I look forward to your posts from Luleå, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Sandra, have you seen this?!!?

    She is copying your creations and also Rosa Pomars beautifull dolls. She copyed even more from your creations before and called them wristworms!! Makes me sad and angry!!

    Happy Christmas,
    from Nina in Brazil

  3. of course i'll join you :)
    can't wait for your pictures and don't mind if they're dark!

  4. Happy holidays!!!
    and make a lot of pictures....

  5. Merry X-mas all!

    Nina > yes i've seen it and also contacted her about it. many people have e-mailed me about her copies and also told her she's doing the wrong thing, but she just keeps on copying and deleting all "negative" comments. i don't understand her at all, i would be som embarrassed. thank you for pointing it out and supporting my work.

    Luise > jawohl hubby! some darkness for you :)

  6. I wonder if you go by car or train, or fly? Happy New Year!

  7. Sandra! Two things:

    1. I love absolutely everything about your blog.
    2. Have a lovely trip & happy holidays!

    ~Melissa, NYC

  8. Jösses vad mycket fint :) Ha det så fint där uppe, när ni nu åker, och Go´Jul!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful and inspiring time while you are away. I am excited about your plans for next year, and wish you have a nice Christmas break.

  10. hmmmm... many beautiful things i see...

  11. merry merry to you and Johan dear Sandra! Wishing you all your dreams in 2011! Thanks for sharing your life with us all....your light shines bright! Love Sue in Canada

  12. amen hallå. vem kan va lessen med en sån snorre?
    god jul juto.

  13. åh vad synd att jag såg det här så sent, hade gärna velat ha affischen! så himla fin.


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