Sandra is a late kid

Will try to translate my mum's text about me for you:

Sandra wasis a late child. She has not learned to sit steady, not crawl either. It is August 12th 1979 as I'm writing, yesterday she at least got a tooth. But everything could happen all of a sudden, so fast that we won't see it all. Still she is just 7 months old. Now she shall learn how to chew her food, I gave her the 8-months-kids' food, but I have to mash the pieces even more, otherwise they get stuck in her throat. But she is a fast learner and she will eat soon all by herself.

My sister and I use to laugh out loud everytime we think about how hopeless I sound and that our mum first wrote "Sandra was" like I had died or something ;)

Thank you so much for all the kindness on my birthday!


  1. But as you can see there actually WAS hope: "But she is a fast learner and she will eat soon all by herself" :)!! I love that...

  2. Haha this is great to have! Happy belated birthday from Paris!!

  3. My birthday is on August 12th :) I was 2 years old when your mother wrote that note. So great you have it! Happy birthday!

  4. Thats so great how she wrote this! I like how she comments that everything may happen all of a sudden and she may miss it - thats an important thing to realize!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. haha, vilken rolig text. "ho har i allefall fått äninga tand! PUH!" ;)
    tänk va, lite sen i starten men si det vare värt! det tog du igen med freakin råge! :D

  6. Haha! 'Sandra was'... I think your mother felt she was writing your official biography :-)

  7. HAHAHA åh ska somna med detta skrattet i mitt bröst!

  8. Hope you had a lovely birthday Sandra! And enjoy the festive break - don't freeze :) X0 to you and Johan,
    Susan and Jed


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