Wednesday night with Luise und Hermann

The other night we had fika and cocktails until very late with Luise. Hermann joined us during the fika part and stole a cracker from Johan. I love that you can stay in a bar and have cocktails as long as you want without someone kicking you out at 1am. So much snow came that night! Johan and I walked to our Park Inn-home (first time at Park Inn, I really recommend that hotel!) at 4 in the morning. Berlin, I love you. See Luises photos from the night here.


  1. Luise's blog is great! & I have fond memories of a night at the Park Inn when it was still the Forum Hotel some seven years ago...

  2. Oh Berlin, Berlin. This city remains my biggest dream on the planet. Seeing your photos really makes my day :)

  3. I love your photos, they're so beautiful!


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