Wrist Worms Sale

Not many pairs of Wrist Worms left in the shop (sale - USD 10 off) now. And only one Buttcrack Character. Welcome! :)


  1. Ich bin so gespannt wie eure Wohnung aussehen wird, wenn sie fertig ist! Viel Erfolg und Ausdauer beim Renovieren! Liebe Grüße Mia

  2. haiii .. I love your blog .. I love your wrist worm .... you are my inspiration .. I have an award for you ...please visit me at


  3. hello sandra (yes, today i took the time to catch up with your blog!) i have told you before that i really love your wrist worms, and there is already one item for this year's x-mas wish list - one pair for me! so please please do not stop making these... at least until this x-mas, ok? but that was not the only point... today i entered one of those cheap chinese stores that are everywhere here in lisbon and there were some wrist worms too... i confess i tried them... but took them off in an instance. they felt so cheap, so low on quality... they costed 3€, so you can imagine! there is nothing like handmade things, with high quality products, just like yours! so keep up with your excellent work, will you? twiggs


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