Food at home

Yippie for the new fridge, even though it sometimes sounds like a sick stomach.
I've been cooking.

Pic 1 - Yesterday's lunch: Miso soup with cauliflower, tofu, udon noodles, korean hot paste, beans and lots of coriander.
Pic 2 - Today's breakfast: Eggs on knäckebröd with Kalles Kaviar, thank you IKEA for selling it outside Sweden.
Pic 3 - Today's lunch: Pasta with olive oil, parmesan cheese, black pepper, feta cheese, salami, mixed salad, cucumber and lots of parsley.

Thanks to you who presented yourself on yesterday's post, it's been a pleasure reading all your comments!

Ps. Finally 1 pair of larger Wrist Worms in the shop, here.


  1. Die Suppe sieht köstlich aus! Bei mir gibt's heute auch wieder welche. Gesund-werd-Hühnersuppe! Grüße aus Dortmund, Fee

  2. Oh...3 wonderful meals...
    I missed yesterday's post...but hope Monsieur Sick is feeling better.
    HAPPY *Hearts* DAY.

  3. I also love that IKEA sell Swedish food in all their stores. I buy my lingon sylt, graddsas and falukorv in England!

  4. Mmmm, looks like you're a good cook!

  5. I too love discovering the range of Swedish food at Ikea. All meals look so delicious so aside from all other talents, you're also a wonderful cook. Hmm, is there nothing you can't do?

  6. This looks delicious! Definitely wish I could cook lunch and breakfast like this~

  7. OK, I´ll leave for the kitchen RIGHT now....

    Liebe Grüße
    von Anja

  8. food looks amazing, like it's from restaurant!
    miso soup mmmm

  9. You eat well. I started craving miso soup right now.

    I had to smile at Kalle's. We have it in Finland too. We call it Kallen mätitahna.

  10. Oo large wrist worms - I think I'll nab those ;-) Thanks Sandra! All the best, Marianne (aka ManHands)

  11. How great! Someone's happy in the
    kitchen. ;)

  12. I know what you mean. Whenever I feel especially homesick, I got to IKEA to buy food :)

  13. Hi Sandra,
    I love your photos, paper dolls, and crochet - so inspiring! I am a teacher of technology and art, and sometimes artist myself, in Kansas City. I found you through Camilla's blog about a year ago. Thank you for sharing as you do.

  14. oh, can I come for dinner? looks delicious :)

  15. you have just inspired me to cook miso soup tonight and much more. everything looks so yummy, thanks!


  16. Mmmm...so cozy!

    I bought the mild Kalles kaviar but I have never tried it with eggs! I'm going to do so from now on!


    Happy V Day dear S! :***

  17. Sandra, i really have got to try this kalles. it looks delicious with the eggs yummm

  18. i would definitely buy more wrist worms in large! the pair i bought barely fit so i haven't bought any more, even though i am tempted!

  19. gott, gott! kalles kaviar på knäcke med ägg är populärt hemma hos oss också:)

  20. Hello,
    I grew up in Sweden and forgot how much i love the Fish Roe paste! My husband makes terrible sounds when i eat it in front of him but i blame it on culture shock:)
    Great blog, thanks!

  21. I like when you post about food, Sandra. You come up with dishes and combinations that I wouldn't think of to make, but it always looks so good.


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