Larger Wrist Worms + some new colours

I have made some more larger Wrist Worms, you find them in the Large Wrist Worms-section in my shop. Larger Wrist Worms fit medium & large female hands / small & medium male hands.

Please note that I've changed the currency to € now that I live in Germany. €35 is approximately USD 47.

Other sections in my shop:
Veggie Wrist Worms
Cashmerino Wrist Worms
Mixed Wrist Worms
Wool Wrist Worms
Merino Wool Wrist Worms
All together
+ a few pairs still on sale


Ps. Some new colours added to the regular size: Wool, Ice Blue, Wool, Dijon, Wool, Dark Grey, Wool, Beige, Cotton, Navy, Cotton, Blueish Grey, Cotton, Grey.

Do you have a favourite pair? I have two - this & this :)


  1. Ooh very nice. I really like the crochet hook in the picture - did you buy it online? I would love to have one similar to that.

  2. Oh yes, I like the crochet hook, too!!!
    My favourite colour is - of course the pink one!

    Liebe Grüße
    von Anja

  3. Love your wrist worms and LOVE that crochet hook!!!!

  4. Loving the grey...
    You've been busy!
    they're great!

  5. apart from your wrist worms - i really like your crochet hook!
    until now i also crocheted wrist warmers, or maybe bags and am now trying something bigger. i'm curious if it'll be wearable. ;)
    are you crocheting other things as well?

  6. haha. now that i read the other comments, everyone seems to love your crochet hook. :D

  7. I like the idea that you make different sizes. I love the colours as well. The yarn looks amazing to crochet with.

    What size is that hook? I noticed wooden hooks don't have smaller sizes. In case you have a real small one, then I'd like to know where you got it. :)

  8. this is not a joke, i dreamed of your wrist worms last night. i was in europe, (not sure where), it was night and very cold, and my fiance had some in his pack and pulled them out to put on and i was like... "you have wrist worms?? when did you get these? how did you even know about them?" and i told him i must photograph him wearing them and post it on my site. we were having some trouble in a bad part of town finding transportation and were lost. strange dream, but there were your creations right in the midst of it all~!

  9. Ooh you have a special veggie section! I really appreciate that :)


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