The magnolia is still in bloom.
I've made a category in my shop called Veggie Wrist Worms for Wrist Worms made of cotton and cotton/linen. I've only made one pair each of the ones you see in the picture (50% cotton and 50% linen), here are some pictures of when I made the vanilla one.


  1. My cherry blossoms just emerged a couple of days ago, after weeks of waiting. Today at the Blumenladen I found myself drawn to the chestnut branches. And your magnolia is superb!

    The air is amazing, it makes walking feel like dancing.

  2. Sehr schön! känns det sponant att säga.
    / Helene

  3. I love the first photo. It is so beautiful!

  4. The two photos look so pretty together. Thanks for a tease about Spring. I needed it :-)


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