Today is a special day.
I have finished doing my bookkeeping and filled in my tax report for 2010.
AND filled in a paper to quit my Swedish firm Firma Sandra Juto (I never chose a name so they gave me that one, to me it sounds like I am a hooker ;)).
I have a German tax number and will from now on pay my taxes to Germany as I plan to stay here for a long long time.
Interesting huh?!


  1. Hmmm...yes.I have to get mine done too!
    Have a good day.

  2. Grattis! No, wait - Glückwünsche!

  3. Char > good luck :)
    Samantha > thank you!! vielen dank! tack!

  4. I am glad the paperwork is done and now you can enjoy your year!

  5. I did mine for the first time a few days ago. My numbers weren't as impressive as yours probably. But I do wish you a lot of luck with your "restart" in Germany. :)

  6. Your bookkeeping resembles mine:
    handscribed! Now the way is cleared
    for the lovely days ahead. :^)

  7. Yay, well done! Enjoy the wonderful evening (I suppose Berlin is having such a lovely weather as paris does?) you deserved it :-)

  8. Grattis Sandra! Oh boy how good it must feel to leave those papers away (:

    It indeed is strange how you and Johan now "earn" with the same tax number, but I guess (or wish) that it is much easier than here (and Sweden).

    Just a moment ago I finished the first bookkeeping for this year through phone with my mum. Time to open the second quarter of this year!

    Many happy moments with the German tax number from now on and a very happy long weekend! Hugs from me to you.

  9. congratulations, lucky girl!! i have to do mine too... hate this taxstuffthing....

  10. Anna Emilia > today we got some more numbers :) hehe, feels good not to being one person ;)

  11. "I never chose a name so they gave me that one, to me it sounds like I am a hooker ;)"

    hehe, you're so funny! :))

  12. congratulations, sandra! hope everything works great for you there!

  13. Wow, you seem so calm about the whole tax thing! I'm so annoyed by filling in all those forms, it ticks me off... But I guess it'll get easier right? :)

  14. bra jobbat!:) sånt tycker jag kan vara otroligt jobbigt att ta itu med och få gjort.
    kan förstå att det måste kännas bra:)


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