Wrist Worms Sale

The Wrist Worms are on sale! €29 instead of €35 a pair (€29 = approximately $41). The sale goes on until next Wednesday (May 4). Perfect even in Spring/Summer for you who ride your bikes on a cold morning or sit in a cold office and even more perfect for you who have Fall at this time of year. Thought it was time for a sale suiting all of you who live on the other side of the planet from here :) Spring and Fall are my favourite seasons, so let's celebrate!

All the different Wrist Worms are here < The sale!

There are also different categories, for example Veggie Wrist Worms and Large Wrist Worms for larger hands.

Welcome & Thank you!

Ps. The pieces of newpapers I found under the old wallpapers in my apartment, they are from the 1930's and you can read about the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 for example. So exciting!


  1. I think you always make very pretty photos to show your products.

    And finding a newspaper like that must be so exciting.

  2. awesome wrist worm collection! lovely, lovely...mine are holding up very nicely. I love the colors you are using....I think I need to buy some colored ones now ;) cheers! Sue

  3. Wow, that newspaper is exciting! I think that was the Olympics that Lena Riefenstall made her famous propaganda movie about (she later made propaganda movies for Hitler and was both very talented as very scary).

  4. I'll wait for the new season wrist worms, to buy one pair. Now here, in Spain is so hot !! It almost like summer.

    Good weekend!

  5. Britta Maria Eugen29 April, 2011 18:12

    Tack så mycket, Sandra! Jag älskar mina Wrist Worms, den är jätte fina ;-)
    Har en trevlig week-end, Britta

  6. Ohh joy
    My wristworm came with the post today. What a nice surprise. Now I am ready for some cold days.

    God weekend Sara


  7. What about the vase, Sandra? It's beautiful!


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