The flat city

I grew up in a quite flat city and Berlin is flat as well. Gothenburg was the opposite of flat. What I love most about flat is that it's easier to ride a bike and that you can see so far away - the clouds! Oh the clouds! I missed that so much in Gothenburg. Last week I started missing one thing (wow, one...!) from Gothenburg: the fresh shrimps.


  1. I have just been 2 days in Göteborg - I love the Swedish shrimps and had it for lunch both days. I might move to Götenborg next year from Denmark... Can you recommend any good Göteborg-based bloggers?!

  2. love your photos! very talented :)


  3. Spectacular clouds! Very The Simpsons... jejeje.

  4. Hello Sandra,

    yesterday i saw these drawings (last picture) at the RAW area and want to take some photos of them ;-) Nice, today you posts one of them.
    Hope you have enjoyed Fete de la Musique yesterday...
    Have a nice day, Miriam

  5. we have so many huge hills here in Lancashire, especially in the town where I live. It's almost impossible to ride a bike unless you are an athlete!! I absolutely love the artwork in the last picture...brightened my day!

  6. My partner and I love flat cities because we love to rent a moped during our vocations and comb the city in and out. Savannah and Miami were awesome and now we are considering Portland.

  7. O Sandra, I too love the flat and view! I was born in and live on the Canadian Prairies. My first Mountain experience was driving a standard DAtsun up a street so steep in Vancouver, BC! Stalled of course, out of fear and nearly 'kakked' myself. ha. Love your 'in the glass' photo, orange-wrapping-flower-thingy...o all of them! xo Su

  8. Those clouds are absolutely perfect and oh how I miss the seafood in Australia...

    The piece in the last photo is by the artist Gould. Him and his partner Various are really amazing. We have them in the gallery I work at!


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