Wrist Worms on Sale

All Wrist Worms are on sale. I'm making space for the Autumn collection (to be released mid/late August) and have listed all the Spring Wrist Worms on sale in the shop - welcome!

Most of them are only available in 1 pair.
When Autumn comes I promise to make another post like this one (hopefully with some men in it :)).

Happy weekend!


  1. ciao, beautiful colors!!!!!

  2. order placed. i had been coveting the white cotton pair, and i told myself as soon as this month's bills were paid, i'd make them mine!
    and then you had to go and have a SALE before my electric bill arrived. so, too bad mister electric company man... priorities have changed! ;)
    hope you're having a lovely day in berlin! it's cloudy here and sort of chilly, in that nice way that it can be in summer, and it's just me and the dogs at home today. i plan on spending the rest of my day lounging and eating. :)
    xxo, phoebe

  3. my wrist worms arrived today already! SO FAST! under a week, all the way across the ocean. impressive! and i love them, of course.
    you are the coolest.
    xxo, pm


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