A while ago a dear blog reader gave me a disposable camera. I took a walk on a hot day and finished the roll of film in a very short time.

My friends Mia and Carolina's home over at Dos Visit.

My thoughts go to all who have been affected by the horrible situation in Norway.


  1. love the sky on the last picture! ;)
    disposable cameras are my summer hit! i'm taking them everywhere with me!

  2. Lovely photos! I love disposable cameras.

    What happened in Norway was so sad that I can barely process it. The people of Norway are being so brave and strong.

  3. They're beautiful! :-)

    Nice to see some sunshine too. Summer has been rainy here, so mostly taken on grey & rainy days. Still, I'm amazed at how they turned out. Never expected a disposable camera to be this much fun!

  4. Analog is amazing! Love the blue sky in the last photo! :)

  5. a disposable camera, I should try it sometimes, great shots!!

  6. I saw this post and also few earlier and I think your pics are rally good.
    Great work!

    Greetings, K. :)

  7. Love the color and composition of these shots. I really like the second photo

  8. *thank you*
    love from norway.

    and: love the shots! love your style!

  9. Great series of photos. They joy of disposable cameras! I haven't taken a journey with one in ages. You have inspired me to do so again. xolj

  10. Wonderful pictures as usual.
    Your blog is my first source of inspiration for everyday in life.

    Thanks a lot.


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