Mr Art & Mr Snow

Let me present Mr Art & Mr Snow. Finally I have made some new buttcrack characters, I know they have been missed - they are both listed in the shop, welcome!


  1. i've missed your buttcrack characters so much sandra!
    look forward to seeing more. :)

  2. So cute I love this! Adorbs.

  3. lolololol they look so funny! and the names you choose suit them perfectly!
    how are they filled? i mean, are they heavy or light? and how did these characters came out of your head? i'm sure you must have already talked about their origin but i didn't see it... anyway, they are great! :) marta

  4. Marta > they are light and soft :) they were developed during a project i made about making non-cute softies when i studied design about 5-6 years ago.

  5. Sandra, but they're the cutest, non-cute softies I've ever seen. I love the naked version better, too funny! :D

  6. haha, really funny those two :-)


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