6 years of September 1


September 1, 2006 I took a picture of a door and that was it.
September 1, 2007 Hello dead head.
September 1, 2008 was the year I started making and selling Wrist Worms. They were originally just 1 pair I made for Johan and when I posted them on my blog so many other people wanted them as well.
September 1, 2009 I walked through Gothenburg.
September 1, 2010 I was at home making Wrist Worms.
September 1, 2011 I took a picture of the Wrist Worms I've been making this Summer.

Let's celebrate September!
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  1. Proud owner of a pair of your wrist worms - since it seems like fall is already here, I am already wearing them. Curious though: How fast do you actually make a pair? BTW - love the photo of the door :o)

  2. They are such lovely photos Sandra. They are always so different, but it is always you that transpires from them. They are beautifully composed and leaves me wanting to see more of the surroundings. I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of years now, and always look forward to your posts. Thank you for blogging.

  3. fiskfaten såg vi för ett tag sedan i fd. hemstaden, men gustav har fisk-fobi så vi köpte ingen. trevlig helg!! nu har vi internetttt!

  4. it must be such a dream to make something you love and have others love it too! Congrats on your beautiful blog,


  5. that is just amazing, congrats! i love september because it means the fall will come soon... hopefully! it takes much longer to arrive where i am!

  6. The look of your wrist worms has slightly changed and it's so nice to see the first ones. You must be very proud to be able to make them for so long now!

  7. September first is my birthday! Thank you for this lovely post (and for publishing such an inspiring blog! You've made me start my own!)


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