Food memories from 2008, Part II

A good breakfast at home.

Some kind of soup in the garden, it was so hot outdoors that I wanted ice cubes in the red wine.

Another good breakfast at home.

At this time I started eating more eggs than before, after learning that it is not bad for you. I love eggs!

Morran invited us over for some seafood and cheese.

Oh those Swedish shrimps...

Famapa came to visit Gothenburg and we had a luxurious lunch together.

Breakfast at my favourite coffee place in Gothenburg.

I don't know what to say... A pretty weird mix of food, one of those take-whatever-is-in-the-fridge-dishes.

Sparkling bagels.

Enjoy your Fridays people!
I'm going to pick up Trixi at the trainstation and take her home for some sparkling wine.


  1. åh, kan inte du skriva om dina bästa caféer och så i göteborg? :D

  2. Njami! (not just this post)! :)

    And - ha! - I always say:
    "Sem ter tja po vrtu"
    (Here and there across the garden)

    You can replace "garden" with "fridge" depends of the season. :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. This food looks delicious Sandra...I would love to come by today to have fika with you and Trixi....

  4. mmmmmmmmm . . what a nice bunch of pictures !

  5. love your food photos, they always make me hungry. ;)
    hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. vilken tur att det fanns tre av de där sötsakerna, annars hade det blivit slagsmål! vi får ta en fortsättning 2012 :d hoppas ni får det trevligt ikväll - kram!

  7. yum, everything looks wonderful!

  8. You need to write a cookbook OMG. ;)

  9. I absolutely love bagels! Too bad we don't have them here in Mexico. Maybe I should open a shop!


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