Food memories from 2008, Part III

Oysters in New York. Oysters is one of my favourite dishes ever. Johan surprised me with a visit to Balthazar to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Dim Sum one morning in Chinatown, NY. The waiter was the rudest waiter I've experienced, you know - so rude that you could just giggle and enjoy the food. I hope he's happier today.

Lunch sandwiches somewhere in NY, I don't remember where, but I remember it was good.

Late night dinner at Café Gitane, NY.

Oysters at a very nice place Lena showed us in Brooklyn.

Brunch in Brooklyn.

A quite good lunch at the Schiphol airport.

Burgers at our local pub in Gothenburg, I have no idea how many of those I had while living there.

On my 30th birthday I invited people over to a bar in Gothenburg where we had heavy food and good drinks, but most of all a very fun night.

The end of my food memories from 2008.

Right now someone is preparing wonderful pasta carbonara in the kitchen while I'm working in my studio. One of my worst food memories ever contains pasta carbonara (the first time I had it, at a café in Gothenburg) and it's also one of my best food memories, I'm sure tonight's plate will be as memorable. Feel free to share a good or bad food memory in the comments if you want to! Would be so much fun to read.


  1. Hey! I'll be a bit out of topic, but i wanted to ask you a question: could i use one of your cards as a photo on my facebook profile? Thank you for your answer.

  2. mmmm Love food memories! Last friday i've had the most delicious pizza with fresch mushrooms and garlic..very good :)
    And for the first time of my life I've tasted black paprika ( peppers?). They are black from the outside and green from inside..really amazing taste!
    If my English was better, i could talk the whole day about food..

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  3. Anonymous > I'm sorry, I don't know who you are and my policy (if you read my FAQ) is that no one is allowed to use my pictures as profile pictures (because my pictures are pictures of my own personal life). I'm glad that you asked and thank you for understanding :)

  4. Some of my best food memories are from when I lived in Mozambique. I remember eating lobster at a restaurant on the beach, just listening to the sea and feeling happy!

    The worst food memory I can remember was experimenting crocodile meat at a restaurant in Zimbabwe (back when it was actualy a great country to live in). They served it mixed with mashed potatoes, so the whole thing was white and completely bland.

  5. Darja Charapova > wow that sounds amazing!
    Aramar > eating on the beach is one of the best things! hmm that crocodile-mashed potatoes-thing sounds really boring. i've only had crocodile once and had kind of the same experience unfortunately, but i'd be happy to try it again :)

  6. so many of life's memories are tied to food...

    I've always loved this one story: my friend and his family took me to NYC. We got a reservation at Babbo. I had the most delicious pumpkin ravioli (sage butter and crushed amaretti cookies on top!). As we left, so fully sated, we brushed by Bono. Beautiful winter night.

  7. Over ten years ago now, when I was in high school, two of my friends are I were walking home through Greek Town in Toronto. The school year was almost out and the Toronto humidity made our hair curl and our skin sweat. We passed a grocery store with a large bin full of watermelons outside. Being young (read: rebellious) and overheated we decided to steal a whole watermelon. We ran to a local park to eat it and then realized that we had nothing to eat it with. One of us had a Swiss army knife so we carved a thin line along the circumference and then dropped the watermelon with all of our might with hopes that it would open. It did and we dug our faces into eat. We ate that watermelon as if it were an apple and I remember it being the best watermelon I have ever had. In fact, now I am craving watermelon and I feel rather lucky to have some watermelon granita in the fridge. Food always comes with a story!

  8. Dim Sum - Yum!! I have a memory of my grandparents taking me for Dim Sum at the Grosvenor Hotel in London (fancy) for my 18th birthday. It was a special time :)

  9. Sasha me and my friends also stole a watermelon from our neighbor's crop and had to hit it to the ground to be able to open it right there in the garden. I was ten and it was probably the best watermelon I've ever eaten. My best memories about food come from my grandmother's kitchen - she used to cook simple meals with fresh ingredients in an oven outside while it was summer. The smell and taste of food was unbelievable. I don't know about you guys but I feel that veggies and fruits were better in my childhood while growing up in Romania. I used to eat tomatoes and grapes all day from the garden, they were so good back then. I also have the cucumber scent printed in my mind. I live in NY nowadays and while I have access to the greatest variety of foods and cuisines I still think that simple food cooked with love and the best of ingredients makes great memories.

  10. I have loved reading your food memories and seeing the photos. My worst food memory is probably the time I gave myself food poisoning when I moved out of home 12 years ago! I had to miss a university exam I was so sick!

    Lately, I'm thrilled to be celebrating my 30th birthday with some weird and wonderful food experiences I never thought I'd be able or brave enough to have. My list of new foods tried has grown much longer this year than any other. Some were on our June holiday in Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris and London. I'm editing through the photos and reliving all those tastes and smells now!

  11. This post makes me miss New York so much! Brooklyn brunches are the best!!

  12. Delicious posts :D

    One of my favorite places: The Japanese Center @ Picadilly Circus.
    Everytime y go to London I have dinner there.


    But also here in spain we have awesome food! My favore is "Tortilla Española" (spanish omelette) :9 YUMMY!

    There is the recipe if you want to try:


  13. i've had aligator (or gator) nuggest--deep fried, in florida. everyone seems to want to say it tastes like chicken. i would say...it tasted gamey and tough. like the animal itself. haven't ever had a craving for it since...but its an interesting food memory...

  14. One of my favorite food memories is of one New Year's Eve a few years ago. My very best friend and I spent it together at my apartment. We both wore fancy dresses and I made vegetarian lasagna and sauteed mushrooms in garlic and wine. It is still my favorite New Year's Eve that I've had so far!

  15. Hi Sandra! My name is Agata. I look at your blog and totally love it! And these food posts...yummmmm. You make me want to cook, but got a husband as chef, so I'll stick to just tasting his meals... :) These pictures made me very hungry. I think I'll have pizza today... One of best meals I had was shripms in creamy sauce with ouzo made by an old lady in tiny village in Greece. The other one was in Thailand. Fresh seafood straight from a fish tank. Also in Thailand I tried dry scorpio, which I need to say wasn't too pleasent. The placebo blocked the enjoyment of eating it. Had a bite and trew it away. Love seafood <3

  16. i remember one time when we had homemade sushi night. during the whole cooking we described what we are doing right now as if we were in some kind of awesome cooking show, i took his interview and he took mine. we made up all kind of funny and amazing sushi facts and we laughed until we cried.

  17. Jeez, I just got so lost in your blog, that I burned my supper (a nice huge cup of sahlap)- pretty bad food memory being created at this very moment! ;)

  18. Oh, so many memories, so much of good food! I guess it has always something got to do with the people you are surrounded with and the circumstances you are in how the food tastes and if the memory will last... My memory wanders so short as yesterday when I did a wonderful risotto with chorizo, chicken, garlic, cherrytomatos and zucchini which I shared delightly with my flatmate. Or to a full pot of noodlestew, mainly made of canned stuff, prepared and eaten on a austrian glacier in the middle of November. It was eaten with such a gratitude after a long and hard walk on the glacier. I don't believe that stolen food tastes better but the story of the watermelon rewinds my mind to the time I stole an apple in a private garden in a small town in Czech Republic.It was perfectly ripe and the best apple I've ever eaten! In another small czech town, where a huge cloud from a factory which burned animal bones covered the town, I had my worst food memory. After having eaten a horrible tortilla in a not-so-but-trying-to-be Mexican restaurant I got a food poisoning. I was lying in a very empty, eastern european styled hospital for four days. Oh well, it's still a memory...

  19. I was just telling J about the first time I had sourdough bread in San Francisco. I was twelve and it was the best thing I'd ever eaten. I was with my family in a restaurant overlooking the water, and we were all sitting in a semicircular booth and I was there shoving sourdough into my face wordlessly, like an animal, while my father's aunts discreetly pushed packets of butter and jam off the table and into their purses.

  20. A few years ago, I was about to get my tonsils taken out and my boyfriend bought me six cupcakes to enjoy a few days before - that was a pretty nice food memory! I also remember a funny trip to Mexico with a friend where we mistook hot green chilli for guacamole, took a large spoonful and screamed the restaurant down!
    I've been really enjoying your food memory posts, keep them coming:)

  21. right now i can only say you are killing me with all these (amazing!) food photos. killing me! i have lost 25 pounds in the last 15 weeks. by realllly watching what is going in! and it is tough looking at these (amazing!) photos!

  22. it's too bad to watch this while dieting!


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