The world of worms

20% off on your Wrist Worms orders until tomorrow (monday) when I wake up! Enter discount code WEEK37 on checkout. Here is where to find them.

Someone asked me how many pairs I own myself - actually not that many because I use a few pairs at a time until they are worn out and then I stand there looking at all the different ones and have a really hard time choosing a new pair. Johan on the other hand owns about 15 pairs, he cares much about having different ones to different outfits. Here is the story about the first pair of Wrist Worms.

Thanks to all of you who have supported my work, it means so much to me! As a thank you I will make another post like this with your pictures of your worms and a link to your blog/website. Feel free to start sending me your pictures (please make them 600 pixels wide), the post will be up in October - I will post a few reminders on the way :) Send them to:

Enjoy your Sunday! I'm going to vote for the first time here in Berlin.


  1. hey Sandra! How come you're able to vote? Are you a german citizen?

  2. Krrgah > i'm "only" able to vote for my district, because this is where I have my permanent address (which means i'm not allowed to vote in those elections in Sweden anymore), i'm still a Swedish citizen.

  3. How nice! I just finished my first pair last night. I'm excited to wear them :)

  4. Blombilden i bilden mitten gör mig nästan religiös. Fantastiskt vacker! // Anna


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