Food memories from 2009, Part I

This is one of my favourite dishes; cabbage pudding (kålpudding), to eat with lingonberries.

Johan and I went to London to visit Famapa in February 2009, this is our first meal; the first & best korean food I've ever had.

Lunch at a very good pub in London.

Crumpets (I LOVE crumpets!) at Famapa's place.

Dim Sum Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Tea.

Beans on toast with pearls on the side.

First time I had pizza with coriander, it was too good to be true. At a London pub.

Shrimps...! Clams...! at home in Gothenburg.

If I know I'm going for a long walk, there's often an egg in my pocket - the best snack.

Pancakes for breakfast, perfect at first - then belly ache for the rest of the day ;)

Breakfast at home, I love it when Johan prepares those simple plates of perfect breakfast food.

My friends made me a wonderful dinner as a belated 30th birthday present <3

After work plate outdoors in the wonderful Spring.

Dinner in the garden, Johan cooked for us and a couple of friends. Can I tell you how much I enjoy to now live in a country where I can afford buying wine on a bottle instead of those hideous bag in boxes which are so popular in Sweden ;)

Thought it was time to make you hungry again :)
I managed to make myself very hungry too...


  1. It's totally weird that you live in a neighbor country (I'm from France), but we eat so differently ! There is some food here I've never heard about, and other that I don"t eat at all the same way (eggs for snack ?!)

    But anyway, I'm now starving !

  2. mmmouth watering. i never thought about putting coreander on pizza. will try. you eat your characters too ;)

  3. job done perfectly; I am starving now. like to know more about the dish in the first dish. it looks like a childhood dream to me!

  4. Yup, now I'm hungry! Hungry, and missing London.

    Your food photos from Sweden (and maybe Berlin ones too, but I remember noticing it before you moved) often have a pile of something that looks creamy and kind of fluffy. Like in the "breakfast at home" photo, though I think that one's just cottage cheese). I always want to ask what it is, but am afraid it'll be something obvious and I'll be embarrassed. I guess I'm saying it now because I've decided I'll just ask and not worry about looking silly.

    Anyway, sorry for the comment rambling, but pictures of food tend to do that to me! :)

  5. oh, this food is too good to be true! lovely.
    I'm huge addict for nice restaurants and food like u, people should enjoy that as much as they can.
    I hope one day I'll try that Gothenburg shrimps you always mention :)

  6. Samantha > most of the time it's just cottage cheese (i'm addicted to it), but it could be some kind of "smosch" made of yogurt, like a tzatziki or something. johan is a pro at making different creamy fluffy things to enjoy with the rest of the food :)

  7. I don't think there is much difference between a gourment restaurant and what Johann cooks. Why did he have to be a designer? Why isn't he opening a restaurant? Huh?

  8. I love crumpets too! I always ask my husband to bring them back when he comes home from England where he works..

    The egg in the pocket, what a great idea for walks!

  9. I totally agree on the crumpets with butter, delicious! even better shrimps and clams: i love seafood! at this time of the day pictures like these do works really well, they make you as hungry as ever. Luckily I have nice fish in the fridge fot the evening meal :-)

  10. matminnen. gillar blandningen, eftermiddagsteet o så ett ägg, haha! lingonongongengenennonen är ändå snyggast on top! men, du glömde strippzen! ;)

  11. hehe, here in bulgaria we have those hideous boxes as well, but the wine in bottles in not that expensive. and it's always better, so hooray for wine in bottles!

    okay, now i'm off to bake some beer fougasses..

  12. i love the idea of packing a hard-boiled egg for a long walk.

  13. I loved this post !! All the food looks really really delicious!
    Mainly the crumpets (I love them with strawberry jam) and all the breakfast you have...

    See you!

  14. Why have I never thought of the egg-in-the-pocket snack? I loved this post - the foods you eat are so different and intriguing to me! :)

  15. ooo la lah!
    great pics and fantastic food!

  16. Beans-on-toast and pearls, this plate is cool!

  17. Mmmmm! I'm hungry now although I wasn't before! Your fault :)
    Thanks for sharing

  18. i am extremely hungry looking at your gorgeous photos! everything looks delicious :)

  19. I love your food posts!! Delicious meals and amazing photos!

  20. Hi Sandra,
    do you have the name of that 'good London pub' (third picture from top)? I'd love to know...

  21. Federica > it's totally gone from my memory unfortunately.

  22. guu vad mycket gott vi hann med när ni var här! ska bli spännande att se vad berlin har att erbjuda (men mest är det johans mat det jag suktar efter :) )

  23. yum! do you remember the name of the english pub? i'm going to london in december and would love to go there.

  24. Perfekt, das sieht alles so gut aus!

  25. älskar figuren på näst sista bilden!


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