Food memories from 2009, Part II

In May 2009, Johan and I eloped to Berlin to get married.

We had pizza which gave me a food poison, but it was worth it.

A breakfast perfect for the morning after a great bar night. At this trip we both looked at eachother and said Why do we go back to Gothenburg, Berlin is home.... It took a while longer than planned, but we did it.

Lunch at home.

Halloumi salad, yum!

Before our master degree's exhibition Johan and I were desperate for food and ended up having this.

Vendace roe from Kalix, a Swedish specialty. I used to fish them in the Kalix River as a kid.

A lunch at a legendary Gothenburg restaurant, had it with my sister and mother. We were laughing so hard that my sister became a fountain (of water luckily).

Yogurt and fresh strawberries on a hot summer morning.

Johan made me lunch.

Sushi was easy to find in Gothenburg and it was also quite affordable.

Johan loves to bake bread and I love to eat it.

Preparing breakfast.

One afternoon Johan and I went to a market hall and bought whatever we felt like having, went home and ate it all up.

Camilla and her husband made us a wonderful dinner as a belated wedding gift.

We had artichoke at Camilla's.

& Swedish crayfish, yum.

The last part of Food memories from 2009 will come soon :)


  1. After that i am very hungry.

    from Greece with love
    Katerina FF

  2. I love these posts, keep them coming. What a great repository for all your memories.

  3. beautiful! love the colours. i wish i had some of that bread johan made!

  4. You always eat the best-looking pizzas. And is it unusual for you and Johan to eat burgers and fries? I can't really remember many other burger pictures or "incidents."

  5. everything looks so yummi and delicate at the same time..! I love your food photos.

  6. i'm so hungry now! your food photos are amazing :)

  7. I love these photos, they make me hungry and make me want to cook- a great feeling!

  8. oh my, this is such a comforting post! and is that challah bread in one of the photos?

  9. I am also a big fan of the food memories posts. That challah looks completely divine!

  10. Eloping is good. We did the same in Liverpool in 2005.

  11. i'm loving all your food memories posts!
    i love to bake bread but it never comes out right, johan will have to teach me how it's done properly. ;)

  12. Samantha > both Johan and I looove burgers if they are good :) None of us likes to eat at McD or BK though, because the burgers are so bad (in many ways).

  13. Makes me sooo hungry! SÅ mye god mat dere har spist!

  14. lucky you sandra! i also would love to have my man making me dinner, or even breakfast. he isn't really talented in it. but anyway i love him. :)

  15. Mmmmh, fantastisch - vor allem der Halloumisalat und Johans selbst gebackenes Brot... Lachen musste ich über diesen Satz: "We had pizza which gave me a food poison, but it was worth it."


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