Food memories from 2009, Part III

Greasy, super greasy, chinese - so great to have a few times a year. Especially together with really bad Swedish beer ;)

Indian food for lunch (that's something I really miss here in Berlin - good Indian food).

My parents gave us champagne as a wedding gift and we saved it for our anniversary (not the wedding anniversary but when we decided to be together). Had it with wonderful cheeses and seafood.

A hamburger at my regular pub in Gothenburg, yum.

Good looking, cardboard tasting, pizza at a café in Gothenburg.

Wonderful mushroom lasagna in Malmö.

This is from a period in life when Johan was unemployed and we had no money... Didn't have much to eat.

Another poor picture. Johan wasn't even allowed to donate blood at this time.

Then my mum came and rescued us with good food.

And we had wonderful breakfasts together.

Another breakfast.

Johan baked bread, so we would have something to eat.

Things were starting to look brighter and I had a sausage sometimes at my favourite sausage place.

Johan made mini chocolate croissants. And then he got a job!

And celebrated my birthday with oysters and champagne.

& steak tartare.

We had a traditional Swedish Christmas plate for lunch.

& my sister and Janne celebrated my 31st birthday and took us out for pizza. It was so super delicious, taleggio and bacon. Mmm...!

That was 2009, such an amazing food year apart from a couple of months of depression.
Are you ready for 2010?


  1. That was such a lovely post. Story of your life in 2009 in food pictures. Yes I'm ready for the 2010 story now Sandra :-)

    ps: the Indian food looks absolutely awful. Hope it tasted good though ;-)

  2. sandra! det finns en helt underbar indisk restaurang i berlin som heter buddha!

  3. Great pictures & wonderful food (except for the poor times ofcourse).
    But now I am hungry... :)

  4. hi, I loved the complete post. if you're craving the real stuff, you should go here: http://www.chelany.de/ it is Pakistan food, but quite similar to Indian. and though the place is not overly pretty, the food rocks!

  5. Oh yes i'm ready for 2010 ! Your food memories are wonderful stories (even when there is a hard time because we know that it endend well !)

  6. Berlin has great, authentic, Indian food!!! Try Schöneberg, near Akazienstrasse/Goltzstrasse. Also, could you please tell me the name of the Gothenburg pub where the burger photo is from? My husband and I would like to go there...

  7. Such great-looking food, even in the harder times (I love that baking bread picture so much). Can you tell me about the smosches in the Christmas food photo?

    I always have so much to say in your food posts!

  8. Maybe that's weird, but I like your simple, 'poor' meals best. x

  9. pRiyA > haha no, this indian food was not particularly good :)

    elin > TACK! ska kolla upp!

    Annton Beate > wow, thank you, that sounds amazing!

    Allison > thank you so much, everytime I've asked people around for good indian food everyone has said the same there IS NO good indian food here. e-mail me for the name of the pub :)

    Samantha > it's beetroot smosch and mustard and mayonnaise.

    Anke > i like them too, but not when i'm forced to eat it every day (and too little of it) being hungry all the time as you probably understand ;)

    glad you all like the food posts! i have 3 more to show you from 2010.

  10. to good food and to good memories!

    is that first pizza photo from de matteo? i miss their pizzas a lot.

  11. We had hard times too in winter 2003, with a 6 month baby, but the main I remember is the good taste of our warm potatoes sup, sometimes with a carrot… and always with a spoon of olive oil. Despite the poorness of this period we felt an intense creativity, and found lot of ideas. Living a minima showed us the essential, it was a great solidary time in our home. And of course we were happy when later we find a better way of life!

  12. i love your food memories. mouthwatering! and it's even better that they're not only in your head but visual memories so we can all drool a bit. :)

  13. Yes, I'm ready for more! ;D

    I had pretty good Indian food on my first visit to Berlin and it was in Friedrichshain....I'll need to ask Maren if she remembers and I'll let you know!


  14. This is so great and now I am so hungry. Next time you come to New York we'll take you out for some good & funky Chinese :)
    And I'll make some very yummy Indian food :)

  15. I also wait for 2010 food year. Lovely story telling, it feels like we know eachother for real, somehow...

  16. jag åt mitt livs godaste samosas och mangolassi på en indisk restaurang i berlin förra året. om jag bara mindes var det var så skulle jag tipsa!

  17. wonderful! now i am hungry again :) and only now i noticed that your are married :)
    i did not understand why you had no money because johan wasn't having a job? or did you mean the money you earned wasn't enough for you both? best wishes to you :)

  18. Oh god, food photographs. I die ;)

  19. Greasy food always wins.

  20. Kurr kurr! Min mage måste höras ända till berlin!?

    Vi hade en fantastiskt god indisk restaurang runt hörnet när jag bodde där, på Wichertstrasse norr om S-bahnhof Prenzlauer Allee. Nu var det ju visserligen ett tag sen jag bodde där (ah, snart 4 år insåg jag precis! mein gott, hur gick det till?) men den maten drömmer jag fortfarande om.

  21. I remember when you said that times were difficult and food was based on cabbage soup or less...but then good things happened, and now you live in your dreamed city :) It's been rough, but you guys had each other..for the good and the bad

  22. Of course I understand! Being poor and hungry isn't fun at all. It's lovely to have lots of different kinds of food. x

  23. sandra, come visit us in England and we'll take you for some amazing Indian food (I was SO disappointed by the Indian food in Berlin, as you know!) :)

  24. Gemma > i'd LOVE to! it was in england i had my first indian meal and it's still one of the best one i've had!

  25. Happy food end :) Das Foto vom Hamburger macht mich hungrig!


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