Food memories from 2010, Part III

Fall started with steak tartare at a pub.

And I continued eating good food (chèvre sandwiches) outdoors wrapped in blankets.

Pasta to die for.

Breakfast at a café.

One evening we wanted burgers and beer, so we bought beer at Systembolaget and hid it in our pockets, ordered burgers and drank beer when no one saw. Sweden has a different relationship to alcohol than many other countries.

On a dark Fall night Min came over and cooked korean food for us, YUM! It was the first time ever I had bi bim bap.

In October Johan and I went to Berlin to look for a new home. We didn't find anything appealing, but it was sunny and warm and we had pizza and beer (which we didn't have to hide) outdoors.

Back in Gothenburg we slowly started to take farewell of favourite places, for example this great chinese restaurant.

At home we ate salad pretty often.

The last days of November we went back to Berlin to search for a home and found a home! I had some bi bim bap at a korean place.

As a part of taking farewell of Gothenburg things, Johan bought us pieces of sandwich-layer-cake.

And we took farewell of our favourite greek restaurant, here is saganaki cheese.

The last meal in our old apartment an hour before we left it; pizza from the closest pizza place which we never used to order because it wasn't very good and some low-alcohol beer from the grocery store.

Breakfast at my sister's place some morning around Christmas.

Hope you've enjoyed! Looking forward to making a post about 2011's food memories in a couple of months :)


  1. Oh wow Sandra, you eat like a Queen... I have so enjoyed your food posts, thanks for sharing them with us!
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Bibimbap is one of my favourite foods. Now I want it for breakfast!

  3. Well.. after all these posts... I'm really very hungry !!!

  4. It's funny how these posts are so appealing that they make me so hungry, even though I just ate some brioche about 2 seconds ago so can't possibly be hungry! My eyes are hungry I suppose...

  5. Your food posts have more than inspired me to remember that a little presentation goes a long long way when it comes to enjoying food.

  6. mmm, saganaki cheese..... My favourite. It's even better if they set it on fire at the table.

  7. Now I am hungry again and I might have to grab my bike and swing down to Chinatown and grab a big bag of vegge dumplings right away! After seeing the dumplings in your pictures I feel such a craving :)The US also has a funny relationship with Alcohol; having grown up in Germany & France, I find it very strange.

  8. Sandra, have mercy on my soul! My stomach can't handle this, now I'm hungry yet again. ;)

  9. hehehe, what a good thing this was my last post like this in a while ;)

    i just had a halloumi/salad/bread-roll, it was YUMMY!

  10. Ah, allt ser så gott ut! Blir grymt sugen på att äta ute någon dag. Vilken kinarestaurang är Göteborgs bästa? Dumplingsen ser inte alls dumma ut.

  11. Åh jag älskar hur ni verkar njuta av mat!!! Jag vill också leva mitt liv så. Mat är fantastiskt.

  12. Food looks delicious in all photos!still don't get why in sweden alcohol is not allowed outdoors, is it because alcoholism is a big problem?

  13. johan, du kan bli mat-modell!!? allt från lax till hämbörgers!

  14. I will never tire of looking at these food memories!

    Have you had Korean food at Ixthys in Berlin? It is my favourite Korean joint in the city. The hand-written posters with texts from the Bible make it too much.

  15. I've been loving these food posts! even the simplest of meals can be so delightful and full of memories:)

  16. I'm trying to stick within a budget this month and I won't be eating in restaurants anytime soon - so I'm currently living through your food memory posts! So many great things I want to try and make in the future. :-)

  17. Hello,

    it would be so loverly, if you could reveal the names of the restaurants in the blogposts. The food all look so nice, and it would be nice to be able to try some of the restaurants, especially as a visitor to Berlin.

  18. Nanna > I will one day try to find time to make a small guide to Berlin because I get so many questions about tips :) So check back!

  19. It was always nice to eat with you guys! Hope I could cook for you again! *~Miss you~*


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