Hermann and his friend

Hermann is staying with us a few days and we're having a great time. He's asking me to chase him around the whole apartment all the time. Hermann is of a breed very unusal here in Germany, a Danish-Swedish Farmdog, just like Morran is, and speaking of Morran - I'm in the jury for the Morran Book, just look at how many great illustrations already sent in here.

Happy weekend! I'll be back with some more food memories.


  1. Hermann is so adorable. No wonder he's a distraction from work... a cute cat or dog is the best excuse for procrastination.

  2. Ohhh...I think I love Hermann's friend.....

  3. hej hermann! <3 haha asså de där grisarna har vi haft en hel kull här hemma nu tror jag, de går åt så att säga.

  4. ahah how sweet is this?

  5. Vaa! Han ser precis ut som Molly och Ben som är Jack Russells!


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