Turkish Delight, Part II

I made many new friends in Turkey.
The one I became best friends with was Fläcken (The Spot) in the 2nd picture. We hung out together every day on the beach and on my last night I went down to the beach to take farewell. We cuddled for a long time, she was searching my bag for food. After a while she ran away and returned in a few minutes. I saw she was eating on something and went over to say bye bye. She was so eager to show me her food, all proud waving her tail. It was half a cat, dead and full of sand. Yum.


  1. OH they are so cute. I love love dogs. What a shame we can't take them all home! I was thrilled to come across Guide Dogs in Training when visiting Oslo in June. I love patting dogs whenever I'm travelling as I miss my dog all the way back home in Australia.

  2. I love the pictures you take... Turkey, that sounds great!!! Dog friends are the best in the world :)

  3. your story made me giggle inappropriately :)

  4. ååå hej!! o vad massa götter ovan, jag avlider av hunger av bara synen!! mums! tack för mejl!! kram! (yes, G är med på TP-tåget nu o gillllart!! kanske tillochmed älskart, lama-scenen spolades tebkas flera ggr hahaha)

  5. i´ve been once in Turkey, and what really melted my heart was the way people treated cats and dogs in the streets. (well, at least in Istanbul.. )There were always cups and bowls of fresh water and food for who ever who happened to walk by. and both, cats and dogs were sleeping every where. in peace.


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