2011 in 57 pictures

Here is a tiny little part of my 2011.


2011 started with playing in the snow in Luleå, Sweden.

On January 5 we got the key to our new apartment. An apartment that hadn't been cleaned for 40 years where a chain-smoking lady had lived.

The ministry of finance got a visit, people had warned us about that place, but our experience was luckily quite good.

Spent many weeks of cleaning before being able to paint.

Figuring out how to heat with coal was a new experience. I like the warmth of coal heating.


February started with a huge demonstration, 2000 polices met 2000 demonstrants.

Long walks to discover different places in my new hometown.

I met Jukka and Hanna for the first time.

A dog friend I met at my first barbeque party at Christopher's place.

Walk walk walk.


March started with a Mardi Gras party!

And I started making stripey Wrist Worms.

Visited the town of Potsdam for the first time, it's a very picturesque place - a huge contrast to Berlin.

On Johan's birthday I surprised him with one of his favourite dishes; steak tartare.

Sunny spring walks down the Karl-Marx-Allee.


April started with moving into the kitchen. A clean freshly painted one.

Our friends Luise & Hermann the dog were the first to come over for dinner.

Preparing food at home again was totally amazing.

My parents came for a first visit in Berlin.

Tearing down wallpapers we found pieces of newspapers from 1933.


May started with a visit from my sister and Janne, they gave Johan flowers.

Lunch on the balcony!

Berlin sky, always changing.

I live here, but you can't see my door in this picture.

We used to have wine and read on Sundays at the bar where Johan is working now.


June started with a visit by Camilla, Ingvar and Morran (RIP).

A Swedish candy store opened!

I worked on a print for The Working Proof Gallery.

Johan's Summer 2011 specialty; Rhubarb Cocktail. Yum!

Lady Juto.


July was a difficult month and I didn't use my camera very much. I went to an exhibition.

And focused on making Wrist Worms.


August, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when it came to finally moving in to my new studio.

Found a new favourite coffee place :)

My best friends (my sister and nieces) came to visit, we had the best time!

Lots of fika moments.

And I finally moved in to my studio, yippie!


Tweed Wrist Worms!

Hello Sailors!

New favourite lamp in the wardrobe.

Leaving Berlin for the first time!

Hello Turkey!


Lo and I are off to celebrate my mum's 50th birthday.

Farewell Turkey!

Back home in Berlin it was Autumn.

A sunny Sunday drinking beer outdoors.

I babysat Hermann for some days, we had a great time.


A foggy walk. My pictures got extra foggy because my 50mm lens is broken and I hope to be able to buy a new one soon because I don't use my camera much these days.

New favourite Wrist Worms in 85% wool and 15% camel - thick and warm.

I went to Holly's book party and all of a sudden we were friends, I've met so many great people this year and Holly is definitely one of them!

Decorated for Christmas pretty early :)

Berlin sky I love you.


December started with a very adventurous excursion.

I went to flea markets.

Had breakfast with Trixi.

Brunch at the bar where Johan is working.

On a walk the other day we passed by this house and said to my mum that she shall live there when she moves to Berlin (unfortunately I don't think she will).

Also, not in pictures: I have been shot at which resulted in jumping out of a window and running the fastest ever. We started the year following the news about Johan's teacher who killed his girlfriend, chopped her in pieces and hid the parts in different forests around his old hometown. Have been to so many parties and met so many lovely people, but I hardly ever bring my camera for these occasions. Hopefully I will have a new 50mm lens soon and change that.

I look forward to blogging here in 2012, see you!


  1. What a wonderful year !
    I wish you pretty times for 2012.

  2. So wonderful to see a year like that. I wish you a happy new 2012 and many, many new pictures and projects to come!

  3. Happy new year Sandra! I really wish you all the best and wonderful things for 2012 xxxx

    (am I the first comment? can't help but note that in a childish way hah)

  4. oh my goodness, super eventful indeed! I hope 2012 is not full of any horrible shooting or murder and mostly just more positive fika and beautiful skies for you and Johan. Sending love and best wishes for a wonderful new year and that you see this one off in style tonight!! xx

  5. Guten Rutsch und ein tolles 2012! This summery is so great - and I want to hear more about where and why you were shot at!

  6. Das war tatsächlich ein wunderbares, ereignisreiches Jahr :) Ich freue mich auf 2012!

  7. Ein sehr schöner Jahres Rückblick!
    Sehr schöne Bilder und ich muss sagen es fühlte sich nicht so an als wären es 57 Fotos.
    Ich freue mich aufs Jahr 2012 mit dir und deinem Blog!

    Ich habe auch einen Rückblick auf meinem Blog gepostet.klick!

    Lieben Gruß und einen guten Rutsch! :)

  8. happy new year! lovely photos and experiences!

  9. Oh Sandra!! I'm so sorry you were shot at!! I'm so glad you are allright! I hope your 2012 is as wonderful as you want it to be! xo

  10. happy new year dear sandra!!

  11. SHOT AT?! Sandra! Dear lord! I hope nothing like that happens to you again! Aside from that scary news, this post was lovely and I hope you and Johan and everyone else in your family have a wonderful 2012!

  12. Happy new year! hope you have a great time and a great year. <3

  13. beautiful photos !! beautiful year !
    and happy happy NEW year.

  14. 2011 has been a great Juto Year i can see :)
    happy 2012! x Ingrid

  15. Thank you for all of your moments! I am happy to have met you this year! Have a great evening and a happy fresh start into the new year!

  16. Fantastic photos from 2011!!!
    Can't wait to see 2012 ;)
    Happy New Year!

  17. You had quite the eventful year. I love the photos of your apartment (your kitchen looks lovely!). I hope you have a great New Years eve and a Happy New Year full of happiness and (good) adventures!

  18. Your blog is lovely - and makes me want to visit Berlin.

    Bring on 2012!

  19. oh sandra what a year beautiful in pictures and a little disturbing in those last words. i am so glad your reflexes were working the day you were shot at! i am very intrigued by this event i truly hope no one was hurt badly or anything like that. may 2012 be full of all the good stuff and beautiful skies for you and johan, friends and family. x evie

  20. Liebe Sandra,

    ich wünsche Dir nur das Beste für 2012!

    wie immer, wunderschöne Fotos! (wie jemand schon schrieb, ich habe nicht gemerkt, dass es 57 waren. :-) )

  21. Happy New Year! So nice to see your collection of photos and anecdotes from the whole year. Freaky about the teacher though!

  22. beautiful, but kind of leaving me breathless, your insight of 2011. one can sense there was even much more to it. happy new year and before I forget it, thanks for the little present!

  23. What a great year this has been - I loved to review it through your photos :)
    I wish you an inspiring and very creative 2012!

  24. Sandra, what an adventure! Happy New Year to you and all your favorite people in the world. Thank you so much for sharing your life on your blog and all of your lovely creations. Hugs!

  25. dear Sandra it is lovely to share few moments looking at your pictures, I specially like these years sum up. Very happy 2012 to you and Johan!

  26. Happy 2012 to You! 2011 seem like a nice and productive year! Hope this year would be a good one too...

  27. i loved this post, sandra! your 2011 looked so great. thank you for everything you do on this blog - your posts are always fantastic to read. here's to a safer 2012 for you and johan!

  28. You're 2011 looks like it was wonderful. Very photogenic and filled with lots of change and good things. I hope your 2012 is filled with much of the same, minus the shooting and murder!!

  29. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!! great post, great photos. great Lady Juto. splendid. thank you.

  30. sandra! i wish you all the best for 2012! i hope it's going to be a super awesome year for you. can't wait for more of your wonderful posts and pictures.

  31. uh, i love this post! may your 2012 be full of love and sunshine - and who knows, maybe one day our paths might cross, somewhere out there in crazy berlin. xx

  32. all the best for 2012. may it be as photogenic as 2011. :) i really enjoyed this post.

  33. Very enjoyable post Sandra and needless to say, so also the latest food ones. I love the way you've completely changed your look. Always striking. The kitchen looks fabulous. And 1933 wallpaper!!! Wow to that. What an amazing history the house you live in must have. I'm glad you are safe to delight us all with more pictures in 2012. Love to you and Johann and Happy New Year :-)

  34. happy new year too Sandra
    so beautiful photo of you sandra, i love the color of your " rouge á lèvres ", your " lunettes ", the color of your " cheveux " at this moment, & your smile !

  35. men alltså!?
    första ba...fina bilder etc. sen ba: CHOCKING NJUUUUUUZ!?!? skjuten på? den där lärarn?!?!
    å de flesta verkar missa den lilla slutklämmen.. eh. shajt! hoppas sånt inte följer med in i tjugetolvan så att säga... krampåre berlin beeeaaaatttccch.

  36. Your appartment looks beautiful! I love fully white painted rooms

    Happy New Year!

  37. Wonderful post Sandra, love it<3
    Happy new year and I wish you all the happiness in he world, lots of love, nice adventures, tasty food, lovely people, cozy nights, enjoyable walks...thanx for sharing your everyday with us, keep it going.

  38. Sandra your kitchen looks so lovely! Oh and please do not get shot at again. ps - Johan's Sailor arrived a few weeks ago. I will have to send photos. He looks so cute on my coffee table. xo

  39. Happy New Year dear Sandra!! Hope it is a marvelous one. Maybe one in which we meet? :)

  40. Loved the Herr Nilsson bag and candy - references to Pippi Longstocking always kill me.

    It's always a pleasure to see your gorgeous, intuitive photographs, Sandra (but ew! about Johan's teacher, and you were SHOT AT? OMG.

    Here's to a happy (and safer!) 2012.

  41. Happy New Year for you too Sandra!
    and greetings from Helsinki via Paris via Cannes:)

  42. Happy 2012 to you and J, dear S! :*

    Loved this 2011 retrospect. Time flies, doesn't it?

  43. oj, den här missade jag totalt! så går det när man bara kollar bloggar på iphönen. vilket år!!! herrejises! önskar er ett riktigt gott år och hoppas innerligt att vi ses under 2012 - det är väl fan tre år sen sist!!! inte. bra. puss!


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