Christmas 2006-2010

Christmas 2006 - My first Christmas with Johan was strange. He didn't celebrate (growing-up-in-a-cult-thing). It was pretty hard for me to deal with, but I did my best and went to the food store and bought a plate of Christmas food and said Merry Christmas to myself.

Christmas 2007 - Dinner at home, with some pieces of traditional Swedish Christmas food. We had a small branch from a Christmas tree at home, decorated with one ornament. That was Johan's first attempt to decorate, hehe.

Christmas 2008 - Christmas all over! We went up to Luleå where my family lives, I was so happy to spend it with them. And so happy Johan decided to start celebrating with us.

Christmas 2009 - A Christmas with my sister, Janne & Johan. We had so much fun, ate great food and had many cocktails.

Christmas 2010 - Christmas in Luleå, the whole family was gathered, Barbie and all. More pictures here.

Tomorrow will be both very different and pretty traditional.
Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate! Happy weekend to the rest of you <3 If you speak Swedish, watch this documentary about a guy celebrating Christmas for the first time.


  1. I wish you a Merry Christmas, Sandra and also Johan!! :-)))))

  2. I wish you & Johan very joyful & safe holidays !
    It'll feel a bit different for us this year too, since it'll be minus my father. :(
    But life keeps going, and we'll make happy celebrations anyway.

  3. merry christmas! enjoy your time with your family (i'm off to visit mine too). :)

  4. I understand Johan so well!!! It was exactly the same with me... and now I really enjoy to share this period with my partner and his family.

    So... Wish you all lots of fun and happiness!!!

  5. happy christmas to you and johan! have a good one!

  6. Ich wünsche dir und Johan frohe Weihnachten und entspannte Tage :)

  7. Merry Christmass to you and your family ! Enjoy your holidays !

  8. Merry Christmas to you too :)

  9. Merry Christmas to you, Johan and your family!
    I like your Blog so much! Thank you!

  10. oh i love how your christmas is different year on year, but regardless they're all wonderful!

  11. Frohe Berliner Weihnachten dear Sandra, and happy days with your mum!!

  12. Such beautiful photos!

    Happy to see that J has embraced celebrating Christmas! ;D Oh, and your nieces are precious!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas with your family this year. xoxo

  13. merry christmas to you and your family :)


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