The colourful city

Pictures from a walk around in my neighbourhood in October. I love all the graffiti, art, tags that cover the walls of this city. I have seen some of the pieces since 2005, love that they are still there and that new ones are added daily.


  1. berlin is colorful and the graffiti suits perfect in this city.
    Geniessen Sie farbenfrohen Berlin ;)
    (and i love the tiles!)

  2. i loved the colour in berlin too.
    we took a photo of the same wall when were were there - november 2010.
    here is a link if you are interested in peeking at it - i had fun spotting those that were still there : )


  3. I like the first and the last picture most. :) Nice tiles.

  4. oooh, you are so lucky to live in Berlin!

  5. Adoring those tiles and colours in the first picture.

  6. mums, jag rös verkligen till av fina färgerna!! hoppas f-dagen blir f-glad!

  7. your photos are simply great. i like your style.
    and say big happy hello to berlin from me, i love this city and i miss it like a crazy.
    best wishes :)


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