Today has been a day filled with adventures, Johan and I went out on a car ride with a couple of friends and after some action we ended up in Potsdam to have soup and cake. Potsdam was beautifully decorated, it's a small town that feels very much like Sweden - everything is so clean, low and polished. A pretty great contrast to Berlin which is the complete opposite.


  1. Perjantai, as we call Fredag här i Finland. Yours seems to have been beautiful! I love these pictures, they make me feel like I know the place. Perhaps the atmosphere here in my country is a bit like in Sweden. :)

  2. I think I remember passing Potsdam on the train last year when we went from Amsterdam to Munich. It looks really magical, I bet Christmas in Germany is beautiful.

  3. Those blue twinkle lights are fantastic!!

  4. Oh! I love those tiny blue lights on the trees :)

  5. Pretty great photos Sandra!

  6. These photos are just gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite, but maybe the first one...The trees look like they are alive.

  7. Oh this is interesting, I have a girlfriend from Postdam that will come to Jakarta on New Year's Eve and spend several months here traveling.

    Love the first and the third photo especially, it looks so magical!

    Thanks for sharing Sandra,



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