Gifts from gifted friends

Maryanna sent me her beautiful wonderful print, it made its way to my wall as soon as I had opened the envelope!
My dear friend Trixi sent me a beautiful necklace a while ago, now she has a shop where she sells necklaces, here!
Last year before I moved to Berlin, my friend Min gave me one of her amazing min pins, now they are finally available online in her shop, I gave one for my sister for christmas last year.


  1. Sandra, you are my gifted friend! It still amazes me how we got to meet and I'm always grateful that we did. :)

  2. min > me too, i miss you! and i'm so glad about all the great things we did together in gothenburg :)

  3. the Krets Film Festival poster is so sweet... at first I thought that it was the cover from a vintage children's book. Wonderful colour combinations.

  4. gillar #2.
    and i'll take a look at min's shop now..

  5. underbart halspand!! köp glitterskorna också = julens puma!!


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