Making plans for the holidays

First breakfast and then a long walk. That's how I would like every day to start. I plan to start many days like this during the holidays. What is your plan?


  1. My plan is quite similar to yours... Yesterday was my last day at work and I'm not going back until Jan 3rd! Too bad my husband has only a couple of days off now. Those breakfasts are not the same when you have to eat alone. :/

    Anyway, I hope you'll have the greatest time!

  2. This year I have no Christmas vacation :-(
    ...but I want to enjoy a lot my days off...

    Happy Christmas from Spain!!!

  3. How lovely, dearest S!
    God Jul to you & J! xoxoxo

  4. What wonderful photos.

  5. today is my birthday, and i intend on doing just that! (though i wish i could come home to some flowers like those in the first shot...so lovely.)

    happy holidays!

  6. If the snow can stop melting, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and skating are on the to-do list. There will be so much to eat, it has to go somewhere!
    Happy Holidays to you and Johan!

  7. Beautiful shots !
    Joyeux Noel Sandra ! ♥

  8. i'm hoping to see some sunshine down here in sydney so that i can go to the beach! just relaxing and being low key this time around. have a lovely break sandra!


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