Food memories from 2011, Part I

This is one of our first breakfasts in our new apartment.

One of the reasons I moved to Berlin is the affordable food because I love love love to eat out. Here is lunch at a restaurant.

Tasty lasagne at an Italian place where Johan took me for lunch one day.

There are so many great Vietnamese restaurants in this city, I love Vietnamese food!

A tradition last Winter/Spring was to eat Thüringer Bratwurst every Saturday morning for breakfast.

Berlin is the perfect breakfast city, this is a plate for two at a café.

Another breakfast plate for two, yum!

Egg is my favourite food.

Another breakfast plate, cheese deluxe, mhm!

Knäckebröd with eggs and creamed smoked roe is unbeatable.

Pasta at home with feta cheese, salami, parsley and salad.

Focaccia pizza style.

Potato salad, chicken, cheese and salad on the balcony.

Ooooysters I loooove you!

Breakfast plate for two, yum.

This is part 1 of 4, hope you enjoy!


  1. What a great variety of food. This makes me want to explore more restaurants.

  2. That makes living in Berlin totally worth it!! although I am sure there are many many more good reasons, too. Can not wait for installments 2-4!

  3. I have constantly been eating loads this week (with the holidays and everything), yet your photos still make me drool! Happy new year :)

  4. me: salivating
    murphy: drooling

  5. Your food posts always make me so hungry!!

  6. wow...those all look so delicious! what a great way of remembering the year. :)

  7. those breakfast plate for two looked just awesome!

  8. Oh Sandra I love your food memories! Makes me so hungry, too :)

  9. food is always good .I did have great food in Berlin this summer

    wishing you a good 2012

  10. I can't get over those breakfast plates!! Where could I find something similar in Vancouver?? I guess I just have to make something like it.

  11. ÄGGmackorna!!! hahahah! omg vad mat! tänk vad glad magen blivit genom åren! :)

  12. Ich bekomme immer einen Riesenhunger, wenn ich deine Fotos anschaue :)


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