Random foodrelated pictures

On Saturday Johan and I went to the market and bought some food as usual. This Saturday was pretty unusual though, I will tell you more about it in August or September.

Dining table.

My favourite person to eat good food with.

My lunch today. The usual when I'm "cooking": Take whatever is in the fridge and put it on a plate - eat.


  1. Ooh mysterious Sandra! :) Your lunch looks so great; certainly an inspiration for me to have better things in my fridge! Also, I love that plate in the second-last photo.

  2. OMG Sandra we are so alike when it comes to lunches. I love mixing salad with fruit and veg cottage cheese and humous on one plate. Everything goes! x

  3. Das schaut lecker aus, wie immer!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog through FvF. I loooove your posts, especially what you eat and the plates you use. I miss fika too.


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