Sandra's guide to: Berlin

I live in Berlin and get asked several times a day to give tips on where to go in this wonderful city. So, I put together this guide of some of my favourite places and I hope you will enjoy it! Please understand me right when I say I will not be able to answer any further questions :) There are a lot of things I don't know about, but I am sure a search engine can help you.

Those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis know that I love to go out for coffee, food and drinks. This guide will give you a few names of good places for coffee as well as some restaurants, bars and a couple of shops.

First, and -
M O S T   I M P O R T A N T :
The shoes! Whatever you do, don't forget to bring your most comfortable shoes. Berlin is huge (almost 10x larger than Paris), the blocks are enormous and you end up walking more than you expected. 50% of my visitors didn't listen to this and 100% of those have regretted it.

Other good-to-know information:
* Cash is king, many places don't accept credit cards.
* Tip good service, taxi drivers and hairdressers included.
* Public transportation is quite affordable and it's amazingly good. If you stay for a few days - buy a 7 day card (€28), with this you can bring a friend for free during nights 8pm-3am and the whole weekend (Friday 8pm - Monday 3am). There are also 1 day cards which take you all over the place for €6.50.
* Berlin is flat and you can rent bikes everywhere (approx €8-10 a day).
* Smoking is still allowed in many bars as long as they don't serve food.

In my opinion, Sunday is the best day of the week to be in Berlin. Shops are closed, flea markets are open, it's brunch day and everyone is very relaxed.

As for accomodation, I have one recommendation: Michelberger Hotel.

The guide is divided into 4 areas: Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Mitte & Kreuzberg. There is much more to discover in other areas of course!

So, let's start!
Please use a search engine to get more information, such as opening hours, maps etc.


WOHNZIMMER (click), Lettestrasse 6
Café, bar & club. A very nice place to have a glass of wine with friends, especially daytime when it's not crowded.

BONANZA COFFEE HEROES (click), Oderberger Strasse 35
One of my absolute favourite places for really good coffee.

GODSHOT (click), Immanuelkirchstrasse 32
Coffee coffee coffee!

SI AN (click), Rykestrasse 36
Really good Vietnamese food in a pretty restaurant.

BABEL (click), Kastanienallee 85
Lebanese food, I often get asked where to have a good halloumi plate and this is one of the places. The place itself is very crowded with tourists though.


AUNT BENNY (click), Oderstrasse 7 (enter Jessnerstrasse)
OK. This is my favourite breakfast in the whole city. Only available on weekends. You can't really see it in this picture, but the cheese selection is great. Coffee is good too, not to mention the sweets. All in all, this is my favourite café in this city.

MARU (click), Rigaer Strasse 74
Once upon a time I found this restaurant "by accident". It is still my best find! Great Korean food, great sushi, great staff. This is where I love to go very late on a weekday.

Every Saturday it's food market. From 8am-2.30pm. I go there every weekend to have breakfast and do grocery shopping.

Every Sunday it's fleamarket.

GOODIES (click), Warschauer Strasse 69
Sandra, where do you get your moose coffees? Here! They also have amazing cakes!

KARL-MARX-ALLEE (click), Karl-Marx-Allee
One of my favourite walks in Berlin. Start at Frankfurter Tor and walk to Alexanderplatz. It takes about 30-40 minutes. Especially beautiful in Winter time when it's grey, cold and bizarre.

CUPCAKE (click), Krossener Strasse 12
For all you cupcake lovers!

MICHELBERGER HOTEL (click), Warschauer Strasse 39/40
Café, bar, great lunches on weekdays, club. Love the atmosphere.

IL RITROVO (click), Gabriel-Max-Straße 2
This is where I have pizza most of the time.

HERR NILSSON (click), Wühlischstrasse 58
Swedish Pick & Mix Candy. A sweet shop full of sweetness.

DATSCHA (click), Gabriel-Max-Strasse 1
Russian place which serves great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beautiful interior.


THE BARN (click), Auguststrasse 58
Great coffee, great sandwiches, great pasteis de nata, small and beautiful place!

RSVP (click), Mulackstrasse 14
A little paper shop with the best selection of washi tapes and other goodies.

BÖTZOW PRIVAT (click), Linienstrasse 113
Beautiful bar, great for time travel and a beer.

CÔ CÔ (click), Rosenthaler Strasse 2
Bánh mì, Vietnamese baguette - so amazingly delicious! Perfect bring-to-the-park-snack.

BAR REINGOLD (click), Novalisstrasse 11
Beautiful bar, I love to go there on a weekday.

CAFÉ FLEURY (click), Weinbergsweg 20
A pretty French café with yummy breakfasts and coffee.

MONSIEUR VUONG (click), Alte Schönhauser Strasse 46
Indochina food, great atmosphere, very crowded.


LUZIA (click), Oranienstrasse 34
Oranienstrasse is a narrow and lively street which I like quite a lot. Sometimes I visit Luzia for a beer, wine or coffee.

KNOFI (click), Bergmannstrasse 11
Bergmannstrasse is a very nice street, Knofi serves good delicate lunches.

PASSENGER ESPRESSO (click), Oppelner Strasse 45
One of my favourite places to go for coffee. Preferably early morning on a weekday.

A former airfield which is now a park, worth a visit!

MODULOR (click), Prinzenstrasse 85
Great, huge place for art supplies!

BELLMAN BAR (click), Reichenbergerstrasse 86
One of my favourite bars, no doubt. Great cocktails!

DAS HOTEL (click), Mariannenstrasse 26
A small and wonderful café/bar.

Names of some bars I recommend, google for more information:
* Green Door (Schöneberg)
* Stagger Lee (Schöneberg)
* Riva Bar (Mitte)
* CSA (Friedrichshain)
* Rum Trader (Wilmersdorf)
* Saphire Bar (Prenzlauer Berg)
* Buck & Breck (Mitte)
* Würgeengel (Kreuzberg)

Other recommendations, google for more information:
* A visit to Potsdam (a town outside of Berlin, with lots of castles)
* The Soviet monument in Treptower Park
* The abandoned amusement park in Plänterwald
* The Le Corbusier house close to Olympiastadion
* Victoriastadt, a very pretty small part of Lichtenberg
* The Stasi museum in Lichtenberg

The other areas in Berlin have a lot to offer too, but I had to limit myself to 4 and chose the areas I know best.
Make sure to check out Neukölln, Schöneberg, Wedding, Moabit, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, etc as well.

For more tips, check out my geo-tagged map on Instagram (username sandrajuto! This guide is based on my taste :) I will not be able to answer to any further questions about Berlin - they have simply become too many and that's why I made this guide. Thank you for understanding!

Enjoy your visit!

Feel free to visit my virtual tip jar if you found this information great and helpful! Thank you :)


  1. Dear Sandra,
    thank you for sharing =)) Some of the places you have mentioned, I totally adore..and some I have never heard of! =)
    HAve a wonderful weekend!

  2. Åh Sandra, vilken fantastisk guide. Jag kan inte tänka mig en Berlin-guide jag hellre skulle vilja följa. Tack för allt arbete du lagt ner! Jag längtar tillbaka till Berlin hela tiden, det var väldigt roligt att se ett gäng gamla favoriter ihop med en massa nya. Och därför får du mitt bästa tips: har du provat Gingi's sushi? http://www.gingisushi.de/

    1. Nej, det har jag inte, tack jättemycket för tipset! Ska prova så fort jag bara kan :) Hoppas du har möjlighet att besöka stan snart, trevlig helg!

  3. Thank you Sandra! I'm planning a trip to Berlin, so this comes in very handy!

  4. Oh, I'm waiting for this since you announced to make a Berlin guide. We go to Berlin at least once a year and we will check out all your lovely tips next time - thank you so much for sharing!! It all sounds great!

  5. Wow, Sandra, this is great! I always find that finding good places to eat and drink are the hardest part of a trip. Thank you so much for assembling this guide! Berlin is a great place to visit, I've already been twice in the last couple of years... You make me want to go back yet again. Still so much to see!

  6. Oh yeah ! I will be in Berlin in september, nice places to test ! Thank you Sandra !!!

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  8. Ahhhhhh I have been so impatient to read it ! You know what ? After reading it carefully with my morning coffee I want to come back to Berlin !!! It's a good job Sandra, Barvo !

  9. ... I have not more not less to say: I LOVE THIS GUIDE.

  10. That's certainly useful, I love "personal" guides. I missed a lot of Prenzlauer Berg, just because we discovered it's wonders very late in a very short trip. I'll sure save it for a future trip (because there'll be a future trip, I'm sure XD)

  11. Hej Sandra
    If you haven't done yet you should go an try breakfast/lunch at Proviant Wuehlischstr.39a. I believe ist will fit perfectly to your taste

    1. Hej! I have tried it several times, but each time it has become less and less good, so I decided not to include them in my guide this time. It's a pity, because last year they were really good!

  12. wow, what a massive amount of work putting this together, sandra - chapeau!

  13. Well I don't know if I'm ever going to come to Berlin, but thank you for this guide, it's very well done!

  14. Hello Sandra,

    Thank you for your guide! I will test some addresses, for sure.
    After 8 years in Paris, I live in Berlin since 4 months now, precisely in Neukölln, and I see nothing specific about this area, there is a good little places around here, what do you think?

    ps : I'm an avid reader for a while, and this is my very first comment.
    Congrats for your blog, I love it!

    1. Welcome to Berlin Marianne!
      I had to limit myself to a few areas, otherwise this project would have become too massive. Neukölln has nice places indeed :) Just like Schöneberg, Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf.
      Happy weekend and thanks for your sweet words!

  15. This cityguide is awesome, that's so nice of you ! I've been to Wohnzimmer and I love the place and the breakfeast :)

  16. Great timing Sandra! One of my best friends is going to Berlin this weekend so I'm sending this to her now! I hope I will get there someday too. xx

  17. Åh vad glad jag är att jag hittade hit från Instagram! :) Bockar och bugar för alla Berlintips. Underbara ställen och bilder! Jag hoppas komma till Berlin snart. Trots att jag bott i Tyskland själv har jag bara varit där en endaste gång. Men jag älskade Berlin!

    Nu ser jag fram emot att följa din blogg och se mer från Berlin. Kul att se dina analoga bilder desstom. Jag har just skaffat mig en Nikon FM.

    Ha en fin helg!
    Karin (Photographybykarina på Instagram ;))

  18. Wow fantastic job, Sandra! What a great way to make a guide - can't wait to stop by soon again! ( I am thinking of a visit september/oktober-ish + one in the end of the year-ish)

  19. wow thanks a bunch!! I'm moving to Berlin (from Iceland) in 2 months and I'll probably print this out and hang it on my wall in my future apartment ;)
    tack så mycket!

  20. I will surely save this for my future trip to Berlin, thank you so much Sandra!
    My desire to visit this city is growing more and more lately... your post just gave it a little extra hand ;)

  21. thanks a mill for this massive guide. moved to berlin from sydney and I live right near modulor but didn't know about it... i think it might become my second home now though :-) I'm sure you know everything about berlin but 5 elephant on reichenberger near glogauer = coffee love

    1. oh, hope you will love modulor!!! 5 elephant is good, but not good enough to make it to my guide (i had to make a selection, the material i collected is 10x more than what i present here), happy weekend!

    2. oh gosh i went to modulor...

  22. Thank you for sharing, you're the best!

  23. Thanks for sharing those beautiful places :)

  24. sooo lovely places..
    i want to go to berlin now!!!

  25. perfect guide! love it. thank you!

  26. yeah! i love it! can't wait to return to Berlin so that I can use your guide :)

  27. I case I visit the city some day, I'll read all these recommendatios again! I the meantime, I've really enjoyed this distant walk around Berlin, thanks! :)

  28. You are the best! I know it took a lot of time, the photos as usual are beautiful. Your taste in food is so .. delicious! i can't get over the site of this hotel- it is very funny and also very good looking inside, thanks to your photo: michelberger hotel. Berlin is lucky to have you.

  29. Love! Thank you :)

  30. That's really really nice and beautiful. Thank you for putting these out. Although I have been living in Berlin now 2,5 years there were some places I had never heard of and I was just planning to explore new places this month. The guide came in in a great time. <3

  31. What a lovely virtual visit! I haven't been to Berlin since 1989 and this definitely makes me want to go back.

  32. sandra, this guide makes me say w o w! you must have put so much work into this. i'm thinking about a small trip this january, maybe berlin will be it!

  33. What a great guide, thank you for taking time and energy to make it! I plan a trip to Berlin in September or October, so this is perfect for me! Your photos makes the guide even greater!

  34. Isabelle from Switzerland11 August, 2012 12:20

    Dear Sandra,
    Thank you for this wonderful guide!

  35. Brilliant Sandra, thank you! I love to make travel guides to my friends when they go to places I have visited or when they come to Buenos Aires (if you ever come to South America, I'll make you one), so I really appreciate the work you put on this lovely guide. I want to visit Berlin very soon, it's in my plans, and I'll be trying all the coffees and that crazy vietnamese baguette that looks delicious! :)

  36. Hi Sandra,

    in case you haven`t tried yet: I really love the coffee at Chapter One in Kreuzberg, Mittenwalder Str., I found it some months ago by accident, it is a bit hidden.

    The taste is quite similar to Bonanza. And I like that they use Brodowin milk, because they really treat the cows well...

    1. i've only been there once, so i didn't include it, but i loved it when i was there!
      coffee-cheers! :)

  37. We just got back from Berlin and loved it. Oh, how I wish I had seen this guide just a little earlier! :)

  38. It's a great idea! I would like to go back to Berlin ;-)

  39. En sån fantastiskt fin guide du har gjort, Sandra! Wow. Vilket jobb! Applåder! Och tack på förhand, skulle jag förmoda, för denna kommer jag såklart att återkomma till nästa gång jag åker söderut. :)

  40. i´ll be there next week... thanks for this tips : )

  41. If I should ever go to Berlin, this will definitely be my favorite guide. And what a great idea to actually make one! Of course you have lots of experience as you've been living there for years, but I think this would be a fun idea even if it was based on just a two-week trip. (Meaning if someone made a trip to the Maldives for two weeks, they could write down all the stuff they liked and make a small guide to friends travelling there one day...) So often the official guides of different countries and cities lack of something; a personal touch, I might say. :)

    Thanks for this!

  42. sandra, this is an absolutely wonderful guide! if you included some fashion places, you could maybe write your own guide + sell it on your site, even! i can't wait to get to berlin... :)

    1. thank you!
      oh i no nothing about fashion places :)

  43. Wheeeee! Best guide to Berlin I say!
    Looking forward to my next visit! ;D


  44. What an amazing guide to Berlin for eating and drinking.
    Have just come home from Berlin and see this. Next time I will try to visit some of your recomendations.
    Thank you!!

  45. Oh makes me want to go back to Berlin straight away!!

  46. Sandra, thank you for excellent guide and amazing photos! I like your taste very much.

  47. hey sandra. i love your berlin fotos...and now, i love your berlin tipps. i´m a berliner :-)...especially: i´m a friedrichshainer. so i`m taste your other tipps and left "my kiez".

  48. Thank you so much for this amazing guide.
    I will spend 8 days in Berlin, beginning this Tuesday and take your guide with you.
    Great help!

  49. For other ideas about place to go in Berlin >> see - if you want - my trip in berlin:
    creamcolor.blogspot.com (just my photo blog).
    And enjoy! ;)

  50. This is amazing, thank you!

    I have been obsessed with your intstagram pictures of that moose coffee, it's the cutest!

  51. Tack för detta! Many of these I knew but I'll definitely try out some new ones next time I come!

  52. What an afford you made! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!!

  53. you are super Sandra, making such a guide needs lots of time and work. you make many people happy with this.
    thank you also, i for sure will remember this next time when coming to Berlin:)

  54. woah this is super interesting!!! thanks for this post!!! :D

  55. Sandra
    What a great list. I wish this was around last year when we were living there.
    Have you even tried Azzam (Sonnenallee 54, 12045 Berlin). This place was definitely one of my Berlin highlights.

  56. I'm so excited about this, as I will be visiting Berlin in November for a long weekend with my boyfriend. Thanks so much for sharing your tips!

  57. I just discovered your blog through this post and WOW! Love it. :)). Amazing Berlin guide, they are some of my fab spots in the city!


  58. Takk for fantastisk guide! Skal difinitvt prøves ut i Oktober :)!

  59. Hi Sandra,
    I've just visited Berlin for the 4th time, and now i see your tips. Next time i'll try them! And the shoes tip: very good! Also the streets are paved with little stones, so heels are also out of the question. This time i had some new shoes with me... also not a very good plan :-)
    Thank you!

  60. Hi Sandra,
    I was in Berlin yesterday and walking on Danzigerstr. I was so suprise not to find Slörm. It is at no.53 :)I warmed up, had a coffee, saw the surprise and headed afterwards to Babel for late lunch-dinner. Looooove the hummus! Thanks for the great tips! I hope to be back in Berlin soon to check all the suggestions

  61. Hej Sandra.

    Nun weiß ich auch, wo es diese so lecker aussehendem Halloumi-Teller gibt.
    Danke für diese ganzen Infos über Berlin. Beim nächsten Besuch im Frühling werde ich mich durchtesten.

    Liebe Grüße

  62. I like your pics so much. They are so vivid and so real. I can almost reach out my hand and get the food. I hope I can find some best hotel guides.

  63. tack så hemskt hemskt mycket för den här guiden! som det ser ut på bilderna så har vi lite samma smak, så jag ser verkligen fram emot att besöka några av dessa ställen när jag är i berlin med mig pojkvän i sommar!

  64. Hi Sandra. Just wanted to thank you so much for this guide - it's absolutely amazing! And while I'm at it also compliment you on your blog in general with its beautiful aesthetics and really 'stemningsfulde' photographs. My girlfriend and I randomly came across your blog and guide while researching for our mini-Berlin-Easter-trip and as it turned out she was actually already following you on Instagram, and while browsing through it we were constantly exclaiming: "that’s totally us!" and "we have to check out that place" - and so we did, and they were all great, so thank you! By using your recommendations as starting points we also came across other shops, cafés, restaurants, etc. in the neighbourhoods. Especially Oranienstraβe made an impression - what an absolute goldmine for great places! Your guide really matched our taste and was exactly how we wanted to experience Berlin this time around. I can tell that you must've put so much energy and time into this guide and I really appreciate that. You've just earned yourself to big fans and future followers! Many greetings from Denmark, Nushka.

  65. ooh! wird gleich gemerkt! toll!

  66. Lovely tips!
    I hope so bad that I can visit Berlin again this year. ..
    I even participated here:


    apparently you can win a trip to the DMY in June in Berlin!
    Can't wait x

  67. Great! Thank you so much for these great tips. I will visit #hive13 this weekend and therefore I am looking for some hot spots

  68. Am totally enjoying my trip to Berlin and your guide is so good! Thank you :)

  69. Wow, great selection! very useful! And I love it when city guides are illustrated by pictures... that's so much better!


  70. Oh, thank you and sorry for e-mailing you about tips. Should have read this befere. Thak you och tack så mycket igen!

  71. I did like the post a lot, but mostly I love the picture, Bravo :)

  72. Thank you, I will use it next week in Berlin!

  73. This post is great! I've been to so many of these places - was at Aunt Benny's last Saturday as they have a great range of gluten-free foods which is perfect for my friend who is coeliac. Herr Nilsson's sweet shop is somewhere I frequently go to (probably too often!) as they list what's in everything so I can avoid gelatine and my mate can avoid gluten. A mate wrote a post on bars and clubs in Berlin if anyone's interested - maybe go there to dance off the meal calories? haha! http://www.handsoffourholiday.com/want-to-see-the-quirky-side-of-berlin-visit-some-of-the-coolest-bars-in-germanys-capital/

  74. Thank you for these tips, we just had a weekend in Berlin (first time there) and tried some of those and they were really nice, so thanks a lot.

  75. I just got back from five days in Berlin and used a bunch of your food recs from here and your geotags - so thank you! Wow, the thursday food market blew. me. away. As did Aunt Benny and The Barn. What a wonderful city Berlin is, I was astonished at how big it is, especially compared to Copenhagen. It seems like you could live there for years and still not see it all.

  76. I'm planning a visit in August and this is just fantastich!! Vielen Dank :) Already bookmarked

  77. Thanks Sandra, we're going back to Berlin next week, we'll have a look on these tips. Thanks a lot.


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