A stairwell

I live in a house from 1900 and the stairwell is where you sense it the most. Most of the details are left and next to our entrance door, there is a door to our neighbours' shared toilet.

Ps. The Pet Shop Boys are performing live in Berlin tonight to celebrate their new album, you can watch the show online here at 9pm (CET). I wasn't lucky to win tickets (you weren't able to buy any) to the performance, but I have been lucky to see them live several times before.


  1. I'm sorry; shared toilet?? Do you share a toilet with your neighbour? Hehee, sounds interesting - at least at this point of the day, when I'm practically sleeping with my eyes open (got up at 4:30 this morning...) :D

    You live in such a beautiful building.

    1. I am lucky to have my own toilet (though I share it with my husband haha) :) It was quite common in East Berlin to share toilet with your neighbours (and most of the time it was down in the basement) before the wall came down.

  2. It's an amazing building, looks like. I love those door trims, so elaborate.

  3. these photos are so lovely! i always love the lighting of your shots...it's really something i aspire to myself. :)

    (oh yes, and i'm also glad you've got your own toilet!! haha.)

  4. Aaaannnnnd I'm lucky enough to have had a visit here (except for the shared toilet...ahhahhaaaa!).

    It is truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to! :O

  5. Das ist schön, denn nicht sooft gelingt es Fotografen oft Gesehenes so aussehen zu lassen, als schaute man es zum ersten Mal an, hier wirkt das so. Herzliche Grüße

  6. Beautiful! A dream stairwell :) Love it.

  7. love the houses in berlin,
    so much soul and feel to them.

    enjoying your photos a lot!


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