Let's go for a walk

In my hallway there is this ladder, well worn and full of old paint from years and years back, both from us and from previous tenants. It's too beautiful to hide in a storage room, so when not in use, it's an accessory. Let's put on shoes and take a walk now. Join me?

First, breakfast. Flat white and yogurt with muesli and raspberries. Together with Johan.

The tiles in this city never stop to amaze me.

Hi, this is me!

Nature creates a beautiful mess.


The colours are almost unreal.

Hello gulls!

So much to look at.

This always catches my eye.

As well as this.

Walking towards a place...

...to have another coffee!

You find this place and lots of other good places in my Berlin guide.

After having lunch with Johan I walked towards the subway.

Love all the photobooths around this city.

Last signs of Fall.

Stop for another coffee? No thanks. Two are enough for me in one day, although I never get a "kick" from the caffeine. Do you? I have never felt that I need coffee, just that I want one. Guess it's a good thing not to get addicted to things, but sometimes I envy people who can kick-start themselves with a coffee.

Beautiful brooches.

These pictures are from yesterday. I woke up in the morning and forced myself out after spending the whole week working both day and night. It was the best I could do.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. To me this was one of your best walk photo posts (although if I go back I will definitely say that on older posts too!)
    Everything is so colorful.
    And I completely agree with you about the coffee part. I occasionally drink both tea & coffee but have never felt like I need it. My mom always tells me it's good to not get addicted but I'd love to know how craving for coffee feels, just because I'm curious.

  2. Hello!
    I've so been enjoying your photos of your walks around Berlin. You have a keen eye for colours. Though Berlin hasn't been on my list of places to visit you have definitely changed my mind and I'll be reading your guide again as I plan my husband's and my trip, hopefully in the next year or so.

  3. I can't drink coffee, it makes me feel so jittery and quite anxious, I love the smell though so I'm always jealous of your beautiful coffee pictures, I wish I could drink it!

  4. Oh my... your pics are truly amazing. The colours look so so real... I enjoy a lot these walks around Berlin, thanks for them!

    I can have several cups of coffee during the day and never get addicted or feel like it gives me more energy or wakes me up when I need it. Nothing. I'm inoculated against caffeine. It's like drinking water for me!

  5. i enjoyed these pictures a lot . . great colors, amazing contrasts . . thanks for sharing !

  6. Sandra I really love this post.
    I always get butterflies in my tummy when looking at your photos of Berlin - out of excitement because I'm moving there next fall to study.
    (I like the well-written text as well..when you put words under your nice photos!).

    P.s. I totally get your coffee/caffeine kick feeling, I never get it! I'm jealous of people who do, however I'm glad I'm not addicted to it .. or anything else.

  7. How I wish I lived in Berlin so I could really go on a walk with you! You always seem to find the most beautiful parts of the city!

  8. Ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes Wochenende, Sandra! Tolle Fotos :)

  9. Berlin seems like such a great city! I'm still drooling over the two photos you took at the café (especially the one of the coffee machine!)

  10. It looks like a truly lovely day!

    xoxo missdottidee.blogspot.com

  11. Thank you for the walk.
    I just want go to Berlin now. Jump in your photos

  12. I'm so curious what coffee place this is. Beautiful serie of pictures, as always.

  13. your pictures are simply marvellous!
    i love them and berlin too:-)

  14. Beautiful colours of las autumm !

  15. those leaves are so amazing - wanting to see them with my own eyes

  16. Berlin seems to be THE city to leave in.. big flats, happy streets, et open minded people..

  17. Beautiful (and colorful) Novemberwalk… greetings from Paris!

  18. absolutely in love with your photos; you have an amazing eye :-)


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